Hi, I’m Dalice and welcome.

I am passionate, committed, driven and love life!

Let me ask you… Is it time to start designing and living a life you love living?

Working one on one is a powerful way to achieve the prosperity, the lifestyle, the success and the experiences you are seeking in your life.

I have strengths in many areas and the spaces where I most love to work to support you in your personal transformation include:

      Gaining clarity in your life direction.
      Helping ignite your purpose/passions.
      Achieving success in your career.
      Improving your sports performance.
      Having connected and authentic relationships.
      Conception Coaching and Consulting (aligning your head and your heart so you feel confident, empowered and happy before, during and post pregnancy and labour).  

Depending on what my client needs and wants, I work with different modalities which include:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Time Line Therapy™
Meditation and mindfulness
Light experience (using the Pandora Star)

Here are the packages and the ways we can work together:

The first initial session is $175 for about an hour.

After that based on your needs and wants and what we are working on you would then choose one of our packages.

Package 1: 3 X 1hr coaching session Normally $525 (your discounted price $472.50 saves 10% (or $52.50))

Package 2:  6 X 1hr coaching sessions Normally $1,050 (your discounted price is $892.50 Saves 15% (or $157.50))

Package 3: 9 X 1hr coaching sessions Normally $1,575 (your discounted price is $1,260 saves you 20% (or $315))

(These packages must be used within one year.)

When working with me I expect all my clients to commit to making positive powerful changes and will undertake “home play” prior to each session to achieve true results.

My clients must be 100% committed to their transformation and success!

If you are interested in working together and want to learn more, I offer a free 15-minute initial consultation.

To stop repeating the stories and patterns of the past and start designing and living the life of your dreams, contact me.

I look forward to connecting with you. Simply email me at dalice@daliceandmark.com

Dalice ❤