We are two people living life on purpose while also surrendering to the mystery and excitement of the unknown.

… Living life on purpose to us means we make conscious choices about how we live, who we connect and work with and the experiences we have.

… While… Surrendering is about being open to and aware of the universe, and knowing when to simply receive and float.

We are Transformational Guides. Vitality Consultants. Coaches with Purpose and Passion.

Dalice is a leader in the fields of leadership and leading with integrity, living with purpose and passion and how our choices impact others. She has a PR and Communications background and was the founder of Australian charity Soles4Souls Australia.

Mark is all about holistic living and transforming to vitality – himself and others. He is an expert in Business Development experienced in leadership, sales, marketing, training and presenting.

Together we are on a journey into love, bridging the worlds of corporate and spiritual.

Our aim is to support our clients to live in a state of abundance, prosperity and freedom and achieve the life and lifestyle they want.

We love working with people who want more…

– more love in their life
– more vitality
– more fun and joy
– more freedom in their lifestyle
– more prosperity

If you want more of these and/or you want to live a life with passion and purpose we could be the people for you…

Dalice & Mark