Hello and welcome!

It’s good to connect with you, thanks for visiting us.

The fact you’ve stopped by the Initial Consult page means you are looking for, and ready, to welcome more into your life – more prosperity, more joy, more vitality, more connection, more purpose.

Let us ask you: What do you want? What do you really want?

Can we share a little secret with you? Most people don’t know what they really want, or if they do know, they believe they can’t have it.

That’s where we come in…

We are passionate about helping people to realise their potential, to live healthier and happier lives and to go after and achieve their dreams.

Our aim is to support our clients to live in a state of abundance, prosperity and freedom and to achieve the life and lifestyle they want.

We love working with people who want more…

– more love in their life
– more vitality
– more fun and joy
– more freedom in their lifestyle
– more prosperity

Your initial consult can be with either Dalice or Mark, there is no right or wrong choice. What matters is you get what you need. Either choice is just fine with us.

When you sign up please just let us know who you want to work with.

We each have our strengths and passions and specialise in working with individuals, couples and families both individually and as a team.

Dalice has strengths in many areas and the spaces where she most loves to work to support you in your personal transformation include:

      Gaining clarity in your life direction.
      Helping ignite your purpose/passions.
      Achieving success in your career.
      Improving your sports performance.
      Having connected and authentic relationships.
      Conception Coaching and Consulting (aligning your head and your heart so you feel confident, empowered and happy before, during and post pregnancy and labour).

Mark also has many skills and likes to work with people interested in transforming to vitality by living a holistic lifestyle through:

      Learning to meditate
      Authentic Relationships
      Breaking through limiting beliefs and emotions
      Personal Pandora Star Light Sessions

Typically we both enjoy working with people who are fascinated with having the most extraordinary life possible…

We want you to live the life you imagine and dream of for yourself.

If you are ready to experience true Personal Transformation and go to the next level, through coaching and consulting with us you can:

  •      Have the confidence to move past the stuff holding you back;
  •      Stop repeating the stories and patterns of your past;
  •      Be authentic and stop making excuses;
  •      Start designing the life you really want to live;
  •      Move towards a happier and more powerful future filled with the prosperity, experiences and relationships you want in your life;
  •      Experience the infinite energy and vitality available to you; and
  •      Be empowered and free beyond limits and influence, and fulfill your highest potential.

Our wish for you is to have what you want in the shortest time possible and to equip you with the tools to attain and maintain this effortlessly.

How do I get started?

We start with an initial consultation that is free for 15 minutes. During this call we find out a little bit about you, what you want and where you want to go. Prior to the initial consult we just ask that you complete a brief 10 minute survey, which gets you started asking some questions about yourself and what you are looking for.

During this free initial consult you can expect to get some clarity on what it is you are looking for, potentially identify any blank spots and we find out if we match.

Within 48 hours of requesting an initial consult you will hear from us and we will set-up a time for a consultation for 15 minutes.

Once again, when you request your consult please make sure you click on who you want to connect with, and depending on availability it will be either Mark or Dalice that connects with you.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Dalice & Mark