Book Week Day 1: “True to Form: Dr Eric Goodman”

Book Week Day 1: “True to Form: Dr Eric Goodman”

As many of you with young kids in the household will be aware – it’s book week.

I have fond memories of choosing to dress up as a BMX racer almost every year for book week when I was young. I think it made it easy for Mum and Dad, not having to make a costume:)

I read a lot when I was younger. Growing up in the country, there was only 2 x TV channels. Hard to believe also, but yes I am old enough to have grown up researching from Encyclopaedias rather than the Internet!

Since working through my personal transformation, reading and learning has become a substantial thirst again in my life. I switched off watching pointless TV shows ages ago and spend a few hours each night researching stuff I’m passionate about and I often have multiple books on the go at any given time.

I’ve been blessed to have some great teachers in my life and believe we should never stop learning. There is an abundance of mentors and teachers available to us, literally at our fingertips a few page flips away.

During book week, I will be sharing with you some of the books that have really helped me along the way.

“True to Form: Dr Eric Goodman”

For those who have known me for a long time, I spent a significant portion of my late teens competing as a high level Track and Field Athlete. Once moving on from the Athletics scene, through various lifestyle choices, I spent a fair period putting my body through physical stress. I didn’t always have the greatest diet, often drank too much alcohol, and for over 10 years I’ve worked in jobs that required me to sit for long periods of time.

Since really taking a turn in lifestyle, particularly this year, my energy levels are continually on the rise. Of late I’ve been really inspired to move my body again. Part of this inspiration has been watching some awesome movers who preach the importance of foundation or primal movement – moving the way our bodies were designed to.

This book repeatedly came up on one of my favourite podcasts. I really respect and resonate with the podcasters message and he had been saying for weeks how the book had helped him – a big wrap given this guy completes events such as spartan races like they’re a jog around the block… So I decided to grab a copy.

What’s it about: (from the author)

Radical in its simplicity, Dr. Eric Goodman’s visionary approach to mindful movement corrects the complacent adaptations that lead to back and joint pain, and teaches us to harness the body’s natural movement patterns into daily activities to make us fit, healthy, and pain free.

Our sedentary lifestyle has led to an epidemic of chronic pain. By adapting to posture and movement that have us out of balance—including sitting all day at a keyboard, tilting our heads forward to look at our phones—we consistently compromise our joints, give our organs less room to function, and weaken our muscles. How we hold and live in our bodies is fundamental to our overall health, and the good news is that we all hold the key to a healthier body.

Dr. Goodman has spent years studying human physiology and movement. He has trained world-class athletes for better performance, and has healed people of all ages and occupations of lifelong debilitating pain. His theory of self-healing is now available to everyone. His practical program trains the posterior muscle chain—shoulders, back, butt, and legs—shifting the burden of support away from joints and putting it back where it belongs: into large muscle groups.

Filled with helpful diagrams and sixty color photographs, True to Form shows readers how to successfully integrate these powerful movements into everyday life—from playing with the kids to washing dishes to long hours in the office—transforming ordinary physical actions into active and mindful movements that help to eliminate pain, up your game, or simply feel more energetic. True to Form shows you how to move better, breathe better, and get back to using your body the way nature intended.

What I learnt:
– A simple set of different exercises that I have now added into my morning routine.
– Rather than ignoring and putting up with stiffness and soreness, we can take a simple pro-active approach to moving freely.
– Increasing my mobility doesn’t have to consume hours of my day.
– Simplicity can be a major factor in keeping stress from our lives.

Given that I sit a lot for work, be it in the car or at a desk, I’ve found in a short time I’m less stiff and sore and my range of movement has increased.

As an elite athlete I spent countless hours rolling around on the ground stretching, developing extremely good flexibility. I still have good muscle memory from this, but over the past 10 years I’ve not been without my share of aches and pains.

This book is a simple reminder to be mindful of the way we move. A basic, easy to master set of exercises that won’t take more than 15 minutes of your day.

If you are stiff and sore all the time, continually have trips to the physio/chiro, and in particular have back pain, I would certainly read this book. The exercises aren’t hard and you don’t have to be a yogi master or contortionist to achieve the poses.

Whether you are an athlete, an office worker, working in the garden, want to feel better picking up your toddler, or had a lifelong dream just to be able to touch your toes, I recommend this book for you.


True to Form by Dr Eric Goodman: How to use Foundation Training for sustained pain relief and Everyday fitness
True to Form by Dr Eric Goodman: How to use Foundation Training for sustained pain relief and Everyday fitness

Health, Happiness and Strength: 5 days with Wim Hof “The Iceman”

This is a post written and shared on our fb page following Mark’s 5 day retreat with Wim Hof in August 2016.

Health, Happiness and Strength: 5 days with Wim Hof “The Iceman”

About Wim:

Wim is an extraordinary individual, you only need to take a look at his achievement list to determine whether you think he is inspiring or simply crazy!

Wim holds over 20 world records including the longest time in an ice bath for 1 hour 52 minutes. He’s managed to climb most of the way up Mount Everest, all the way up Mount Kilimanjaro in nothing but shorts and sandals. Wearing only shorts, he has also ran a marathon near the arctic circle in -20 degree cold. Not limited to the cold, he also completed a marathon in the Namib Desert with no water in temperatures 40 degrees and above.

Other scientific experiments have seen Wim and a group of his students be injected with live bacteria and endotoxins which his methods have been shown to eliminate from the body in 15 minutes.

He has taught his methods to some of the biggest names in sport and entertainment in the world. A number of athletes currently competing in Rio have trained under Wim. Wim also was recently called to a venue where Beyonce was scheduled to perform in Amsterdam. She had been suffering a bad cold for a few weeks and had heard about Wim’s method. He took Beyonce, Jay Z and her whole dance team through his breathing methods and her cold disappeared shortly after.

If you care to search for and watch some of the documentaries about Wim, you will find his story is inspiring, not only for his feats, but also largely connecting to his desire to feel alive again after losing his beloved wife and left to raise 4 young boys.

How I came to know of Wim:

I first heard about Wim Hof around 2 years ago on one of my favourite health and fitness podcasts – Ben Greenfield. He was talking about the benefits of cold thermogenesis.
Controlled frequent exposure to the cold has shown to have many benefits including:
– Lowering body fat
– Reduce stress levels
– Increasing hormone levels (mood and happy hormones)
– Improving sexual performance and fertility
– Lowering blood sugar
– Cutting food cravings
– Improving adrenal function
– Fixing thyroid issues
– Enhancing immune function
– Improving deep sleep quality
– Increasing pain tolerance
– Reducing inflammation

At the time I had started to take control of my health but was frankly ashamed to take off my top and expose my beer belly. Every year I was also prone to getting nasty winter coughs and colds – a repeating pattern for as long as I can remember. I thought to myself, I need to give something else a go, because nothing I’d tried prior was successful or sustainable long term for me.

I started out taking quick cold showers at night – literally in and out. Whilst the initial shock was like opening the door direct to the Antarctic, after a few days my body started reconditioning itself and I was able to spend longer under the shower in full cold water. One of the first benefits I noticed was better sleep.

Cold showers and plunges into cold water in nature are frequent for me. I start my morning shower hot and finish it cold – a great way to start the day alert and fresh. I also take the opportunity wherever I can to spontaneously jump in the beach, river or creek if it’s nice and cold. I can hand on heart say I am a beneficiary of all of the above listed benefits as a result of getting over the need to be warm and cosy. It has also helped my resilience to the cold during winter. The cold paired with other strategies has seen me thrive through nearly 3 winters without getting sick with a cold, cough or flu.

Apart from holding an incredible mindset to achieve world record feats of all things to do with the cold, Wim is extremely well known for his unique breathing techniques he has acquired as a result of testing himself to the limits.

His breathing techniques balance the body from an acidic to alkaline state. This was proven during our first round of breathing exercises at the retreat. People were given urine tester strips to measure rises in acidity to alkalinity – every person tested went from acidic to alkaline. Wim has spent countless hours donating his time to scientific research with his methods being published in some of the most prestigious scientific medical journals.

The Wim Hof Method takes Cold Therapy, Breathing and Mindset all combined to tap deep into the nervous system and immune system. His mantra is that everyone deserves to be “Happy, Healthy and Strong”

All of the above were big catalysts in me choosing to attend his retreat.

Who was there:

I arrived at the airport and all we had been told to simply meet at the International Terminal. It was amazing how a bunch of strangers just magnetically attracted each other and grouped together. We all waited in anticipation until finally the event organiser and Wim appeared. Wim gave us all a brief rev up about how we were going to tap into strength, health and happiness and then hit the airport floor into one of his signature 1 handed horizontal planks.

We arrived at the holiday camp nearing the great ocean road for a late dinner. After Wim gave a quick talk we were left to all get to know one another. It would become evident early that there were some great people there. Over the course of the 5 days I met some truly inspiring people, all climbing their own Mount Everest in some way, shape or form. There were people taking on serious disease diagnoses such as cancer, leukaemia and auto immune conditions. People who were insane athletes, movers and big wave surfers. People who were performers mastering their nerves. Others were kicking past instances with depression and anxiety in the butt. People who had overcome addiction and times in the dark. People who had been shot at protecting the safety of our community and many who were simply there to give two big middle fingers to get over their fear and say F@#$k the cold!

I’ve attended a lot of retreats and workshops over the past few years, but this crew was seriously a bunch of awesome people that filled each day with love, laughs, tears, hugs, high fives, snoring in dorms, in depth conversations and friendly banter. Nightly dinners in the mess hall had everyone buzzing and felt like a busy pub atmosphere.

The energy of the group, resilience and willingness of all to participate and brothers and sisters supporting and cheering on their fellow tribe was so great to be apart of.

What I learnt:

On day one we were guided by Wim firstly through a few of his breathing techniques. He outlined the science about each method and how to put it into practise. We then followed up with our first journey into the ice baths. A plunge for 2 minutes in a 1 degree ice filled kiddy pool. Given my previous exposure to the cold, I handled this pretty well. We would later engage in what Wim calls his “horse pose” a deep, wide squat position. Holding this pose we would do a 15 minute active meditation. All of this was finished off with some fun circle games.

Each day we would increase the intensity in the breathing, length of the ice baths and length of the horse pose meditation.

Come day 5 many people had some very profound experiences through breathing, we danced in the horse position for 45 minutes and smashed out 10 minutes in the ice bath.

Some of my favourite things included:

– Wims guitar playing and freestyle vocals while doing breath work – in particular the line “get funkyyyyyyy, funky like a monkeyyyyyy, start a revolution babyyyyy”
– Wim getting very deep and spiritual then switching to a joke or comment that was a little “taboo”
– How humble and accessible such a great teacher was
– No guru status – Wim believes everyone can achieve what he has if they stick to the methods and he wants everyone in the world to be happy, healthy and strong.

My personal experience:
Entering the retreat my main intention was to go deep into my body with the breathing exercises. I have been working through different breathing techniques for a while now. Through my research I found Wim is someone at the top of the tree when it comes to learning deep breathing.

I certainly had some different experiences and sensations than I’d had doing any other breath work, but at the time none of the new methods really sparked huge excitement that I was chasing, it was frustrating me. This would probably be the reason I didn’t experience what I was looking for, I just needed to step back and allow it. The experience I was chasing all 5 days came to me unexpectedly on the night I got home when I had a big breakthrough.

I was challenged – physically, emotionally and mentally…
…There were days where I certainly nearly didn’t get in the ice bath, but the energy of the group dragged me through and smashing out the 10 minutes was exhilarating!
…Bunking in dorms naturally made for lighter sleep than usual, especially considering we had the self introduced “freight train” in our room.
…Sometimes I just didn’t want to take another deep breath, my monkey mind just couldn’t be bothered, but I continued to breath.
…I missed being away from my family, especially being away from my daughter for the first time, but nightly calls and the love and support from home got me through.
…Sometimes I regretted not taking action to change my life sooner, sitting in awe of some of the amazing athletic feats some people were achieving, knowing I once had that energy and athleticism.

I am returning to this place of energy and vitality, I’m not too old and have many years of moving my body to come.

Breaking through all of the above was part of the experience and the reason I was there. Wim’s intention was for us to break through our own self imposed conditioning, get over our fears and limitations and access a state where we can go deep within ourselves to find that place that holds the keys to our happiness, health and strength.

The 5 days turned out to be memorable ones, an experience I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to partake in.

The highlights for me were:

– Being in the presence of such a humble teacher, an inspiring man who literally fears not death, but to not live fully
– Breaking through my conditioning – I am not too old, it’s not too cold, I have strength, I have vitality
– 61 amazing brothers and sisters connecting
– Peoples willingness to be authentic, open and vulnerable in sharing their journey
– Feeling comfortable walking around shirtless again
– Inspiring tales of courage from Wim and participants
– Smashing 10 minutes submerged in freezing ice
– Learning to do a headstand
– Doing 55 pushups with no air in my lungs
– Finding new energy – a motivation to move
– Inspiration to continue on my path of health and vitality
– Spending time in nature in a beautiful location
– The love, laughs, tears and general banter and the friendships formed to go with.

Thank you Wim Hof for your generosity, humour, compassion, empathy, inspiration, humbleness and love. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be in your presence and learn from you.

Thank you to my retreat brothers and sisters for being a crazy, inspiring wonderful tribe of people to hang with for 5 days.

Thank you to Dalice for supporting me in going on such an adventure.

“Health, Happiness and Strength” – a pretty good set of values to strive for in my book.

If you’d like to learn some breathing techniques, maybe how to meditate, some strategies to help reduce stress or just cultivate some extra energy in your life please drop me a line, I’d love to work with you.

You can reach me by emailing or calling 0490 490 364.

Raise the Bar Higher, Inspire and Be Inspired!

Mark :) 

Five lessons we can all learn from Australian Olympic Gold medalist, Chloe Esposito

If you didn’t see it, yesterday at the Olympics Australian Modern Pentathlon competitor, Chloe Esposito, came from 7th place to win GOLD in Rio.

I have watched the footage several times and I can’t help but have a tear every time!

I have also listened to several interviews and have loved the gold nuggets (pardon the pun) that have come through about pursuing your dream.

The lessons

Lesson 1:

It’s been a hard 4 years Chloe said in one interview.

***In the pursuit of your dreams and goals it isn’t always easy and smooth sailing.

I have not heard one athlete say the road to the Olympics was easy!

Lesson 2:

She almost retired for a “normal life”.

***You will most likely want to give up. Keep going!

Lesson 3:

“A lot of people think we are crazy the way we train”

***When you choose a different path people will often think you are crazy. Make the choices and take the action you need and want to make anyway!

Lesson 4:

And in another interview Chloe said that in past events she hoped to get into the top 10 or top 4 but it was at this Olympics that she first truly thought “I can do this”

***Believe in you and believe in your dreams.

Lesson 5:

Chloe’s acknowledgement and gratitude of her family and team was beautiful and humbling.

***Nothing great is ever achieved on your own. Surround yourself with an awesome team. Your win is also their win.

Bonus Lesson:

Stay humble

Congratulations Chloe. Absolutely amazing!


Australia's Chloe Esposito poses with her gold medal in the women's modern pentathlon at the Deodoro Stadium during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on August 19, 2016. / AFP / Yasuyoshi Chiba (Photo credit should read YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images)
Australia’s Chloe Esposito poses with her gold medal in the women’s modern pentathlon at the Deodoro Stadium during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on August 19, 2016. / AFP / Yasuyoshi Chiba (Photo credit should read YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images)

What do you stand for?

“What do you stand for?”

One of the things I stand for is PEOPLE and what I believe to be fair.

I stand for making positive choices about what I consume and use so I can positively impact the lives of others.

What I want to talk about today is fashion and our consuming culture.

… I struggle with how we consume and how we seemingly ignore the environmental and humanitarian issues.

We just can’t keep ignoring this or saying “we didn’t know”.

Environmentally… so many resources go into producing clothing and household items… And then it ends up as landfill.

The planet is suffering on both ends.

As a collective (which begins on an individual level) we need to start buying clothes and other products we value and appreciate and last.

Socially… the “birth lottery” means that hundreds of thousands of people are literally killing themselves to feed the consumer habits of those more fortunate in the “birth lottery”.

These are real people farming the cotton and real people making the fabric and real people sewing the garment. And they all deserve to be paid living wages and have good and safe working and living conditions…

I know we can help achieve that by educating ourselves on where our clothes and other products come from and making more empowered decisions.

Before I go any further…

I want to set this up… I am more than happy for people to earn a good income and live a happy and prosperous life. I actually coach people on how to have the life they want to live…

… But… this should not ever be at the expense of others.

We do not grow strong and happy by pushing and keeping others down…

We become strong, joyful, peaceful and wise by acknowledging the infinite connection between us and all there is.

How often has it been asked:

“Why does it cost so much?”

Shouldn’t the question be … “why is it so cheap?”

In truth, how much an item costs isn’t a reflection of how ethical the product is. In regards to clothing there are stores I simply will not shop at which has nothing to do with price.

Sometimes when I hear people comment on the fashion industry and say “I didn’t know…” I think “How could you not know…”

… But… these things come into our consciousness at different times and we accept them into our lives when we are ready. That timing is different for everyone…

So… if you have made it this far and are still reading this…

Firstly, congratulations and thank you!:)

Secondly, the time is right and you are ready to make more powerful choices when it comes to your purchases. YAY:)

Our choices (mine and yours) do matter and every decision you make either leads you towards or away from the life and world you want.


p.s. Because this could have been an essay… I will do a second follow-up post with tips on how you can more easily choose ethical fashion and have a positive impact on the lives of the people making the products.

p.p.s. Here are just 5 resources to help with your shopping and creating the life you desire now.
– Good On You
– Ethical Clothing Australia
– Ethical Fashion Guide 2016 –…/Ethical-Fashion-Guide.p…
– Ethical Fashion Forum
– Groups on facebook: A Year of Ethical Fashion and/or Ethical Fashion Australia

Plus, a blog I wrote last year on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse…/integrity-in-leadership-dec…/


Becoming Mummy

I’ve never believed in love at first sight, not true unconditional love, the kind of love which lasts forever.

But this year I found out I was wrong. Love at first sight is real and it’s shockingly overwhelming and amazingly beautiful all at the same time.

This realisation came the day I became “Mummy”. In a moment everything else fell away and life for me became all about my little girl.

I cannot explain the feeling. There are no words to express this love. I have actually found motherhood cannot be truly explained, it can only be felt and understood through living it, and for that reason I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a parent.

I have since developed a whole new understanding and appreciation for how other parents feel about their kids and how my parents must feel about my sisters and I. When thinking about my daughter and how much I love her, I have thought several times “wow, my parents love me this much!”

And while it’s still relatively new for me I imagine this love only deepens and grows (this is what I’m told anyway).

For all the parents and carers out there (biological, step, foster, hands-on grand parents and special aunties & uncles), I express to you so much gratitude for loving and raising your kids.

Parenting is certainly an unrelenting and important role, and a constant lesson in trust, surrender and unconditional love.


“Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body” Elizabeth Stone

30 Day Challenge – Final Days

Today I finished my 30 Day “me time” Challenge.

Today… I am excited to share that I will begin a FREE global 30 Day Challenge on September 1.

During these 30 Days you will receive tips, insights, encouragement and inspiration so you get the most from your daily “me time”.

To join me and a community of people around the globe simply email me at

Below are the final two posts 

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Day 29/30

“Heart to heart”

If I had the opportunity to speak straight to your heart I would ask it…

What is the song or story you wish you could sing every day?

What is the contribution you truly want to make?

What is the legacy you want to leave?

What is the life and lifestyle you want to live?

… You should know that…

You are here you live your greatest life.

You are so much more capable than you realise or give yourself credit for.

You are deserving and worthy of living the life you dream of.

You are loved.


As a transformational coach I am passionate about supporting my clients to move past the feelings of shame, fear, unworthiness to experience more love, more joy, more prosperity, more connection and more passion. I’m available at if you want to learn more.

unlock your heart

Day 30/30

“Thank you”

Today’s meditation marked 30 days since beginning my ‪#‎30DayChallenge‬ where I committed to giving myself 15 minutes of “me time” each and every day.

It has certainly been a journey which, above all, has encouraged me to embrace my vulnerability…❤

I have been so grateful to hear from people who have shared their story of how they had been inspired by my posts and encouraged to give themselves the space to nourish themselves.

To also hear from people who have been waiting to read my posts each day is humbling.

Today… I am excited to share that I will begin a FREE global 30 Day Challenge on September 1.

During these 30 Days you will receive tips, insights, encouragement and inspiration so you get the most from your daily “me time”.

To join me and a community of people around the globe simply email me at



30 Day Challenge – week 4

Week 4 of the #30DayChallenge:)

I started the final days of the #30 Day Challenge today. You can follow the final days and connect daily at

Day 22/30

“I Love Myself. I Love Myself. I Love Myself”

Can you say this to yourself without feeling awkward… ?

Can you say this to yourself without feeling unworthy… ?

Can you say this to yourself and truly mean it… ?

Can you say this to yourself as a whisper… ?

Can you say this from your heart to your heart… ?

We often tell others that we love them… but so rarely do we stop and say this to ourselves.

Plus… we often brush off when others say to us “I love you”…

There should be nothing awkward or shameful in loving yourself.

Love is all there is.

You are worthy of love.

You are worthy of loving yourself.

And as you give yourself permission to love yourself you will deepen the most important relationship you will ever have… The relationship you have with you…


As a transformational coach I am passionate about supporting my clients to move past the feelings of shame, fear, unworthiness and more to experience more of the good stuff:
more love
more joy
more prosperity
more connection
and more passion

I’m available at if you want to learn more…

Loving oneself

Day 23/30

“Dear Mama”

From one mother to another…

I am wondering if you are giving yourself permission…

Permission to nourish you…

I have had countless discussions over the past six months with mum’s who have fallen into the routine of giving everything to the detriment of their own physical, mental and/or spiritual wellbeing and self.

These are beautiful people… Beautiful mothers & Beautiful partners & Beautiful career women who are giving, giving and giving to the point of losing themselves.

Their wellbeing has taken a back seat in a double-decker super sized bus!

Sound familiar… ?

I am sure you already know this, but… It doesn’t serve you and you are worthy of so much more.

While it started out as a simple challenge… I have noticed that through my ‪#‎30daychallenge‬ I have inadvertantly given myself permission to nourish me a little more.

By giving myself a minimum of 15 minutes each day to meditate and journal I am making the time for me to simply connect with me and to listen to my heart…

… And this has actually lead to me doing a few more little things for me including 15 minutes of yoga each day in addition to my meditation.

With gratitude, my body, mind and spirit are on a different vibration to where they were 23 days ago❤

If you want to nourish yourself – your body, your mind and your spirit – have the courage and self-love to begin your own #30DayChallenge.

… Whether that be yoga, meditation, journaling, a walk on your own (whatever works best for you) I strongly encourage and support you.

… And… if you want a buddy to encourage you each day… because I know it can be easy to skip a day without the accountability… I recommend speaking with your partner, a family member or a friend.

… Connect with them and ask them to show their love for you by supporting you on this self-nourishing journey back to you.

Enjoy and feel the love.


As a transformational coach I am passionate about supporting my clients to move past the feelings of shame, fear, unworthiness to experience more love, more joy, more prosperity, more connection and more passion. I’m available at if you want to learn more.

Self-nourishing journey

Day 24/30

Tonight’s meditation is going to be a little different…

For all the reasons (somewhat sleep deprived) parents will understand…

I am going to meditate and go straight to bed – I am hoping I will be as fast asleep as this kitten within minutes of my meditation finishing and my head hitting the pillow.


sleeping cat

Day 25/30

“Waiting… Waiting… Waiting”

I notice a scary trend… It’s a trend otherwise known as waiting…

… Waiting for the conditions to be right…

… Waiting until everything is perfect…

… Waiting until you know everything there is to possibly know about something before making a decision…

… Waiting for retirement…

Waiting… Waiting… Waiting…

What is it that you most want?
– travel
– a new career
– a new lifestyle
– a new partner
– new friendships
– ___________________ (fill in the blank)

And what exactly are you waiting for?

Anyone who has experienced a tragic or sudden loss will tell you we each have a finite time in this incarnation. Life can change in an instant. We do not know when we will take our last breath or where we will be when life as we know it changes forever.

This should be your greatest incentive to make wise choices on how you spend/invest your time and your money.

I believe it was Mahatma Gandhi who said “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Decide what it is you want and take just one step towards that goal each day or week.

Live your greatest life.

Live the best version of you each and every day.


p.s. For more on how much you should invest in yourself and your dreams, check out my blog:…/how-much-should-you-invest-…/

As a transformational coach I am passionate about supporting my clients to move past the feelings of shame, fear, unworthiness to experience more love, more joy, more prosperity, more connection and more passion. I’m available at if you want to learn more.


Day 26/30

“The car meditation”

… No… It’s not a new style of guided meditation… 😊

… It’s the meditation you do when you arrive at your destination and your cherub is asleep in the back seat ❤️

I have noticed many people are caught up in everything needing to be perfect before doing anything

OR they have to follow the rules…

One “rule” about meditation is you should meditate at the beginning or the end of the day.

I know people that have let this rule get in the way or stopped them completely from meditating…

… Because they couldn’t do it perfectly or according to the rules they didn’t meditate it at all… Even though they wanted to…

Yes, the morning and evening are the “better” times of the day to meditate because of the different brain wave states. But… don’t let the rules stop you from meditating when you can and when best suits you…

I know very well that, especially when you have small children, sometimes very early morning or in the evening is just too difficult for various reasons.

My advice… Don’t get caught up in the rules. Enjoy meditation and give yourself the break and nourishment you need when you can.

… I know I’m feeling rejuvenated already after my little nourishing break just now in the car…

Dalice ❤️

meditation benefits

Day 27/30

“Connect with nature”

The need to connect with nature was my intuitive feeling tonight with my meditation.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow already… ❤️

Dalice ❤️

P.s. I love this picture I found online here at 

I just had to share because it’s so beautiful! Enjoy

mother gaia

Day 28/30

I hope you had a beautiful day today:)


Simply be open to the beautiful synchronicities in your week.


p.s. Carl Jung: Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.