Like all great love stories… we first met in a pub and then didn’t speak to each other for four years… (not at all exciting or romantic!)

From our first meeting it was obvious there was a connection between the two of us, but the timing just wasn’t right for a relationship to develop.

Those four years apart then had us on very different paths, Dalice volunteered in Kenya and established Soles4Souls Australia and Mark married and later separated. We both experienced our ups and downs during that time, but one thing is clear – it was a very important time for each of us to grow and learn the lessons we each needed to learn…

… It is almost as though our souls knew we had things to do on our own before we could come together in this lifetime…

… In the end it was Soles4Souls Australia which brought us back together. While researching charities Mark stumbled across Dalice’s charity work and reached out with the offer of running a shoe drive through his football club (we joke that Dalice is still waiting for that shoe drive to happen…).

… And so began our “courting” and friendship which has lead to growing in love, connecting deeply and authentically at the heart and soul, starting a family and building our dreams.

We lead a holistic conscious lifestyle, knowing that how we love, how we eat and move, how and what we communicate and how we contribute to others and the world is a choice and a balance.

Our love…

In the early stages of our relationship we read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. We then talked openly about what we each need to feel loved. As a partner and lover it is important to know what “fills the cup” of the special person in your life, you then have the choice as to what action you take to express love and be loving. Understanding each other in this way from the outset has been a great foundation for our relationship and is the book we have recommended the most to others.

We also made a commitment from the beginning to be 100% honest about how we are feeling and what is going on for us. As our relationship grew we found the more often we talked and shared honestly the easier it was. Today there is little we don’t share and we remain committed to being authentic and honest by sharing the whole truth and leaving no questions not asked or unanswered.  

Between us there is a deep knowingness that we are here together for a reason.

Our family…

In March 2016 our journey led us to one of the most divine experiences a couple can share – the birth of our daughter. Ilhabela ignites love in our hearts and is teaching us more about love than we thought possible.

Each and every evening when we sit down for dinner together we hold hands and share what we are grateful for, and although our daughter is under one we include her in this circle of love and gratitude.

Above all else we are always grateful for love and the opportunity to experience this life together as a family.

Our nutrition and movement…

A match made in yummy food heaven…

… Possibly an alchemist in a past life, Mark is a brilliant cook and tonic maker, melding the most nutritious ingredients together which keep us both nutritionally rich and healthy (Dalice’s words). Dalice loves to eat good food but is not interested in cooking at all… and the way to her heart is through her belly. If left on her own she will always revert to her bachelorette staples of roasted veggies, eggs, nuts, raw carrots and fruit (plus a couple other easy snack foods) during the day.   

We love to eat and be healthy so we keep things pretty simple – organic, fresh and nutritionally dense. We also like to stay clear from GMOs, gluten, dairy and refined sugars (otherwise thought of as how food used to be before industry started messing around with it…). We believe it is the way we live which enables us to be more present and to have the energy and vitality to live a full life.  

When it comes to our movement practices we mostly mix yoga, walking, rebounding, kettlebells and isometric holds.

… We are also into breathing exercises in a big way (ask Mark about his retreat training with the Ice Man, Wim Hoff…)  

Our time bank…

It is safe to say we don’t spend our evenings and weekends watching TV…

… Instead we both like to invest our time working on our own personal transformation by reading, watching and listening to various resources (basically lots of research) which supports us to improve and grow. We definitely stay clear of mainstream media programming, (it is called programming for a reason…)

… With a baby in the house this looks a little different to what it did before becoming parents but we make sure we prioritise and commit to supporting ourselves and each other on our journey’s.

… In addition to researching and learning we also make sure we stop and spend time each week on our own, looking within. This meditation practice is a time which we both highly value and look forward to.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung

Our love offering…

Together we draw on our collective personal journeys to…

… Inspire our community to leave fear behind, step into their power and to live an inspired joyful life.

It is our purpose to support your multidimensional transformation so you can embody your true purpose and ignite your inner light to fuel your passion… all with a smile on your face.

We know you can have authentic relationships, feel life’s vitality and live your purpose and passion.