3 easy steps you can take to help you step into your personal power & increase your confidence

Exert from another post, see full post here

1. Change your language (both internal dialogue and expressed language). 

Start by giving yourself more power by reframing.

So rather than saying: “I should do X”

Instead you might choose to say:

“I can (or I could) do X”


“I will do X”

Changing the word should for can/could automatically turns it into a choice.

Changing should for will moves you forward into action.

And… if the doing X is something you really don’t want to do and it isn’t critical to survival (e.g. cooking dinner for your family) then simply let it go.

2. Create a process to check-in 

I think there is a lot of value in reading, listening and learning from the experts and our community, but with all the information available to us, developing a way to do a personal check-in helps us to know what the right decision is for us.

A couple questions you could ask yourself:

Does “X” information resonate with me?

–      If yes, what about it resonates with me?

–      If no, what about it doesn’t resonate with me?

Have I made my decision from a place of ego (I’m right, you’re wrong) or from intuition (I have done my research and my “gut” says “X is a good choice for me”)?

Often we undervalue the power of listening to our intuition, but being in tune with your intuition and being able to listen to what isn’t being said (also known as the song behind the words) is in fact very powerful and important in feeling confident in our parenting choices.

3. Flex your muscles

A great way to get more comfortable and confident to speak your truth and step into your personal power is to practice speaking up.

(Like any muscle, to get strong, it takes practice.)

Begin by sharing your perspective on something little or something you think is valuable. If sharing verbally is challenging, start first by writing it down so you can get clear about the message you do want to share.



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