What are you doing to celebrate success? (especially when it’s messy, crazy, exhausting…)

I initially wrote this for the Mama’s but it’s really a reminder and trigger for us all to stop, reflect, acknowledge and celebrate.

This week my daughter will be 6 months, during that times…

I have answered the door to the census lady wearing shorts with ugg boots and my hair in a crazy mess…

I have walked to the supermarket wearing a jumper with baby spew on it…

I have cried because I just needed a few minutes out of the house on my own in my own space and energy…

I have learnt a whole different level of tired…

I have worried about whether I’m doing a good enough job at being a mum…

I have judged myself for taking days (actually sometimes weeks), to get back to people or tick off a job that needed doing…

I have felt like a bullet proof ninja warrior one day and tired and vulnerable (on the cusp of crying over nothing/anything/everything) the next…

I have only been on time about 5% of the time over the past 6 months…

Yes… This is life…
It’s a bit crazy sometimes
It’s beautiful always
Even the messy and hard bits…

I share this crazyness because it’s real life and I want other mothers and women to know…

I get it
It’s ok
You are enough and perfect and beautiful just as you are
You are doing amazing. Even if you think you are not. You are.
I know you are because you are getting up each and every day and having another shot.
You are amazing. Love yourself for that.

Facebook and social media is a beautiful world to connect and share, but we all know photos capture the surface. We need to really look and talk and connect to see the depth and complexity of life.

I have looked into the eyes of other parents with small children and felt a beautiful connection, compassion, kindness and deep understanding…

So I ask you now Mum (and also Dad)…

What are you doing to celebrate your successes?

We cheer and get excited about so many achievements and milestones of our children…

… Their first smile, their first roll, their first steps, their first words. Their first A,B,C………X,Y,ZZZZZZZ.

What about your amazing achievements?

Whether that be
in your parenting
in your relationships with family &/or friends
in your career or business
in your personal development
in your sport or art or hobby or your contribution to humanity

How long has it been since you cheered and celebrated an achievement or milestone you have had

What would it look like to you to celebrate a success of your own?

I know that for me this is an area I really need to lean into….

…As a busy “get lots done” achiever I have never been good at celebrating my own successes.

But… I know this is an important key to my happiness and sense of fulfilment in my life.

So I ask you to do two things

1. Write a list of ten achievements or successes you have had in the past month.

2. Decide how you are going to celebrate that success and go do it.

You are beautiful
You are amazing
You are worthy and deserving

Dalice ❤️

Here are my ten…
(Please know and understand that I found writing this list really difficult…)

– I wrote this post and shared my vulnerable moments as a parent and woman
– I have been dedicated to my time bank (I’ll explain what a time bank is in another post)
– I have supported Mark in his development and growth by encouraging him to go away to work-shops and retreats to learn from great teachers
– I had cold showers for over a week to support my optimal health
– I went to my yoga class
– I cooked myself dinner 3 nights straight while Mark was away (this is huge for me because I’m not good at cooking, I don’t like cooking and Mark is an amazing cook and does all our dinners)
– I cleaned the house and got it ready for the photoshoot for our new website
– I reached out to a couple people who are doing some great work for others simply to congratulate and compliment them
– I committed to and completed my 30-days of “me time”
– I loved my daughter
– (#11 a bonus one… I got up each day and had a shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed, changed nappies, fed my darling girl and gave 100% of myself)

Now… I just need to decide how I’m going to celebrate ❤️


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