“How much do you want it?”

“How much do you want it?”

On the weekend I had an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and conditioning so I could achieve what I ultimately wanted…

It also got me thinking…

I wonder…

Is there something “uncomfortable” you are avoiding or putting off, that once done, you will feel exhilarated (or at least relieved) by?


Is there something you want in your life which you aren’t honouring because you don’t think you have what it takes to achieve it OR do you think you don’t deserve it?


Is your current “comfort zone” causing you to feel sick and tired?


Is there something you want more than your short term comfort?


Let me tell you a story…

On Friday I started feeling unwell…  I had a cold…

Then on Friday night I had a terrible sleep which meant that on Saturday I started to feel worse, and as the day progressed the more my head and body were struggling.

I take a lot of active steps to be healthy and vibrant so when I do feel unwell, all I want is to feel healthy!

Now… If you have been following Mark and I for a while you will know that Mark is an advocate for cold showers, ice baths and the power of the cold for improving health on all levels.

Among the many benefits, the cold can improve adrenal function and enhance immune function.

However, while Mark has been embracing the cold for a couple years, I have been actively avoiding the cold shower and ice bath scene since I retired from semi-elite sport more than 4 years ago.

I really do not enjoy being cold and intentially getting into cold water, especially in winter, just isn’t exciting!

But… On Saturday all I wanted was to get over my cold and to feel better…

… So I decided to have an ice bath…

… My desire for what I did want was greater than the short-term discomfort…

I am going to be honest… It took me three attempts to get into the water and actually stay in…

The two minutes I was in the water was uncomfortable and really unenjoyable but knowing the benefits I chose to breathe through the pain and discomfort.

And afterwards I felt exhilarated, somewhat better and generally just proud of myself for going beyond my comfort zone to achieve what I really wanted – health. (I have also backed it up with cold showers each day for the past couple days)


This experience got me thinking about how we often stay in our comfort zone, avoiding what we need simply to stay “safe” and “comfortable”.

But… ironically the seemingly “safe” option in the very short term is holding us back from our true potential and the life which is waiting for us. 

If I could share anything with you it would be…

Always know…

The discomfort in the short term is what will liberate you in the long term…

There is greatness inside of you…

You are not your circumstances…

You are more capable than you realise…

You are more skilled and talented than you recognise…

You are worthy of all you desire. 

Dalice ❤

As a transformational coach I am passionate about supporting my clients to move past the feelings of shame, fear, unworthiness to experience more love, more joy, more prosperity, more connection and more passion. I’m available at dalice@daliceandmark.com if you want to learn more.

pps. If you haven’t yet had a read, check out Mark’s 5 days with The Ice Man



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