The Goal: Do a headstand

“The Goal: Do a headstand.”

I share this photo, not to impress you, but to press upon you what you can achieve when you have a goal.

I have been doing yoga for 18 months (including during my pregnancy) but with my “busy” life and various commitments (work, family, trips away, study etc etc) I have only ever gone to class once a week.

I certainly am no yogi!

Each week I would go…

… Sometimes I would notice a slight improvement…

But mostly… the poses were/are tough.

Seeing what some people could do, their strength and how they moved, was inspiring. And in truth… not something I thought I could achieve…

Even though my physical improvements seemed so minimal I continued to go to yoga because I noticed that I slept better and I felt better emotionally. It was good to have a weekly practice and discipline which focused just on looking after me.

Just recently when I set my intention for the class it was to simply ENJOY IT!

The Headstand: Since starting yoga I would see people in class doing the headstand but I just couldn’t do it… A large part I realise now was because I didn’t believe I could do it!
(the limitations we put on ourselves sometimes are crushing)

Then… three weeks ago Mark came home from a 5 day retreat with Wim Hof and he could do a hand stand!

This sparked in me a new sense of what I could achieve…

So… on Thursday while my girl slept and Mark was out I decided to give it a go…

And… SUCCESS, I did it.

Not pretty… but I did it…

So… I share this photo to hopefully inspire you to…
– Set a goal or intention (something just for you)
– Work towards it (an inch at a time if that works)
– Celebrate any milestones or achievements
– Have fun and enjoy it
– Encourage others to go after their goals.

Dream it
Believe it
Achieve it

I believe in you!

Dalice ❤

As a transformational coach I am passionate about supporting my clients to move past the feelings of shame, fear, unworthiness to experience more love, more joy, more prosperity, more connection and more passion. I’m available at if you want to learn more.

Dalice Headstand


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