What do you stand for?

“What do you stand for?”

One of the things I stand for is PEOPLE and what I believe to be fair.

I stand for making positive choices about what I consume and use so I can positively impact the lives of others.

What I want to talk about today is fashion and our consuming culture.

… I struggle with how we consume and how we seemingly ignore the environmental and humanitarian issues.

We just can’t keep ignoring this or saying “we didn’t know”.

Environmentally… so many resources go into producing clothing and household items… And then it ends up as landfill.

The planet is suffering on both ends.

As a collective (which begins on an individual level) we need to start buying clothes and other products we value and appreciate and last.

Socially… the “birth lottery” means that hundreds of thousands of people are literally killing themselves to feed the consumer habits of those more fortunate in the “birth lottery”.

These are real people farming the cotton and real people making the fabric and real people sewing the garment. And they all deserve to be paid living wages and have good and safe working and living conditions…

I know we can help achieve that by educating ourselves on where our clothes and other products come from and making more empowered decisions.

Before I go any further…

I want to set this up… I am more than happy for people to earn a good income and live a happy and prosperous life. I actually coach people on how to have the life they want to live…

… But… this should not ever be at the expense of others.

We do not grow strong and happy by pushing and keeping others down…

We become strong, joyful, peaceful and wise by acknowledging the infinite connection between us and all there is.

How often has it been asked:

“Why does it cost so much?”

Shouldn’t the question be … “why is it so cheap?”

In truth, how much an item costs isn’t a reflection of how ethical the product is. In regards to clothing there are stores I simply will not shop at which has nothing to do with price.

Sometimes when I hear people comment on the fashion industry and say “I didn’t know…” I think “How could you not know…”

… But… these things come into our consciousness at different times and we accept them into our lives when we are ready. That timing is different for everyone…

So… if you have made it this far and are still reading this…

Firstly, congratulations and thank you! 🙂

Secondly, the time is right and you are ready to make more powerful choices when it comes to your purchases. YAY 🙂

Our choices (mine and yours) do matter and every decision you make either leads you towards or away from the life and world you want.

Dalice ❤

p.s. Because this could have been an essay… I will do a second follow-up post with tips on how you can more easily choose ethical fashion and have a positive impact on the lives of the people making the products.

p.p.s. Here are just 5 resources to help with your shopping and creating the life you desire now.
– Good On You
– Ethical Clothing Australia
– Ethical Fashion Guide 2016 – http://www.baptistworldaid.org.au/…/Ethical-Fashion-Guide.p…
– Ethical Fashion Forum
– Groups on facebook: A Year of Ethical Fashion and/or Ethical Fashion Australia

Plus, a blog I wrote last year on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse https://liveyourdream.com.au/…/integrity-in-leadership-dec…/



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