30 Day Challenge – week 3

Week 3 of the #30DayChallenge 🙂

I started week 4 yesterday (Monday the 8th of August) which you can follow on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DaliceandMark/

Day 15/30

Today I am choosing to share a blog post I wrote on January 4 this year…

It is about Choosing Happiness…

Do you want to be happy, or do you not want to be happy?

Last month I shared my 2015 Christmas reading list which included New York Times Best Seller “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself” by Michael Singer. This book was recommended to me by my spiritual mentor.

Rather than jump in and read it all in one day, I chose to read this book over a couple weeks – 1 chapter every day or every two days. The chapters are short but I find the lessons so profound I want to contemplate the messages and let them sink-in.

With each chapter I am pondering:
– What do these lessons really mean?
– How can I apply this to my life on a daily basis?
– One message which particularly resonates with me is “choosing happiness”.

Simple message? Yes

Difficult to apply? YES

In his book Singer talks about the path of unconditional happiness – choosing happiness above all.

It is about being happy when events don’t fall in your favour, choosing to be happy when “sad/bad” things happen in your life and choosing to be happy when friends, family, colleagues etc. don’t behave in the way you think they should. You most likely cannot control these things/events, but you can control and choose your state of being.

Singer says that in a world full of choices there is only one choice we really need to make each day, and that is whether we want to be happy.

Singer asks this question of the reader:

“Do you want to be happy, or do you not want to be happy?”

Choosing to be happy is a moment by moment decision and requires a great deal of awareness. So much of our lives are lived in auto-pilot, therefore, to make the choice to be happy you first need to be conscious of your thoughts, conscious of your feelings and conscious of your behaviour.

Secondly, choosing to be happy in all moments requires spirit and persistence. It is recognising and appreciating the gift of being alive in this moment and choosing love and gratitude.

My intention in 2016 is to:
– Become more conscious
– Be more aware of my thoughts, feelings and behaviours in the moment
– Choose happiness

Love and light,

happiness aristotle

Day 16/30

I had such an amazing day today…

Not for any particular or special reason… I still had dirty nappies to change, work to do and emails to respond to.

But… I also did a couple things which I know raise my vibration and make me feel good from the inside out.

– I got grounded i.e. I sat on the lawn with my daughter with my shoes off
– I took my little girl and went outside for a walk
– I spent 20 minutes doing yoga while my daughter had tummy time on her mat

Yes… As a parent it is often about combining and juggling!


– I also had 15 minutes of quiet time on my own

I remember back to when I did my first ever personal development program with a life coach… And one of the things we had to do was make a list of 10 things we could do which “make you feel happier now”…

I can’t remember exactly what was on my list back then but it most likely included:

– Go for a walk outside
– Meditate (meditation has so many benefits)
– Listen to a fun upbeat song (music stimulates and uses the entire brain)
– Read a few pages of a favourite book
– Ring someone I love who will make me smile
– Look at some great holiday photos
– Give someone a big squeeze (hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels, which heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger)
– Watch a fun You Tube clip (laughter is amazingly powerful)

… Today I have included a video proving the science of our energy.

Our bodies are emitting energy all the time…

Why not make your vibration a positive one by feeling happier now…

Love and Light,

Day 17/30

Today I decided to adjust my meditation for seven days starting today. For 7 days I will be doing the Dr Joe Dispenza evening meditation.

I love Dr Joe’s work (Mark and I travelled to Mexico last year to do his 5 day workshop). His meditations and teachings are fantastic.

I will keep you all posted on the progress… 🙂

On another note… Over the past three weeks I have been working heavily on the website copy for our new website (SUPER EXCITING!!!)

One of the pages I have finished – for now anyway – is my story…

Here is just a snippet of “Dalice’s story”…

(I would love your feedback if you have any!)

In 2010 I lost my mojo. I lost my passion and purpose. I lost my “Big WHY”.

I am sure to some I looked “successful”. I was independent and had a good job, my own place, loving family, sporting success and friends to have fun with. But… I wasn’t really happy and I had lost faith in a lot of things. I was also sick and tired of every week looking and feeling the same.

I once read a quote about climbing the ladder of success only to realise the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall. That’s how I felt at the time!

It was that realisation which lead to the decision to travel and to do something meaningful. From the moment I made that decision and shared it with a friend a series of synchronistic events unfolded and door after door opened for me to pursue and live a purpose filled life.

The first major event was a friend forwarding me an email from an organisation looking for team leaders to lead and manage volunteers on their international programs. The second major event was my employer making my position redundant, and presenting me with two options:

Option A… Behind the blue door was a different role within the organisation.

Option B… Behind the red door was redundancy.

I took the chance and the opportunity to once again find my purpose and passion. I took the redundancy and left the organisation the following day…

In that moment I picked a motto for that next stage in my life…

… My motto quickly became: “Choose Your Own Adventure”…

Love & Light,


Day 18/30

“Mission Statement”

Back in 2011 I wrote a mission statement for me.

A mission statement is something we often think of for a business BUT I think having a personal one can be very powerful.

My Mission Statement is a couple short sentences to show what I stand for and what kind of person I am going to be in all aspects of my life.

I often come back to this and wonder if it needs updating… but for now I think it is still as accurate as it was the day I wrote it.

And, here it is…

To Be Truly Seen.
To Give And Receive Love Freely.
To Be Inspired And Inspire Others.

May this inspire you to consider your own Mission Statement.

Love & Light,

MISSION Statement


This incredible story came to me twice today in the space of 15 minutes.

I took it as a sign that it is something I need to share here today.

Dalice ❤

For all the athletes who are about to compete at the 2016 Olympics: “When you don’t give up you cannot fail”

Day 20/30

“Better choices lead to a better life”

I have just finished my 20th consecutive day of “me time” where I have chosen to meditate each day for 30 days.

The statement above about A BETTER LIFE is one of the lines in the Dr Joe Dispenza evening meditation which got me thinking about making better choices to create the life you dream of living…

… Better choices are made from moment to moment.

It is choosing to love rather than be hurtful or nasty or sad
It is choosing to forgive rather than feel anger or hurt or jealousy
It is choosing to turn the TV or technology off and be present with your family and friends or exercise or meditate
It is choosing to eat more vegetables with your dinner
It is choosing to go to bed earlier so your mind and body can rejuvenate and recover
It is all these seemingly little choices made from moment to moment which combine together to create A BETTER LIFE.

For decades it has been quoted that it takes 21 days to change a habit or create a new habit.

This sounds great.. and achievable… but it is also a myth…

Apparently… according to the research it takes a minimum of 2 months to change a habit… and not surprisingly, there are different factors which impact this including the person, the environment and of course what the new habit or behaviour is.

Tomorrow marks 21 days since beginning my ‪#‎30daychallenge‬ of 15 minutes of me time.

It has been a great shift for me and I am seeing and feeling the difference. I can also notice the difference in how I value and prioritise this time to make sure I do it.

But… I don’t feel that tomorrow (day 21) is a magic day that will ensure I continue this new behaviour each and every day.

I am committed to A BETTER LIFE for me, my family and all those I connect with. Therefore…

Maybe… just maybe… I will turn this into a ‪#‎60daychallenge‬.

Stay tuned… ❤


Day 21/30

“WOW. I’m feeling blessed”

I have just finished a global peace coherence meditation with over 2k people from around the world thanks to the inspiring and generous Dr Joe Dispenza.

What an absolutely amazing world we live in which allows and supports us to connect with people around the globe in such a positive and powerful way. So much gratitude! ❤

I am sharing this valuable slide which was used before the meditation… simply because I like it and I think it is important.

Tonight I am wondering what choices you are making about your emotions?

… Are you choosing elevated emotions or are you choosing limited emotions?

Imagine… Just imagine…

Imagine a world where we are choosing Gratitude, Love and Joy more than we are choosing Doubt, Fear or Anger…

Oh… how I dream…


Dalice ❤

p.s. working to release negative limiting emotions is one of my key areas of coaching, so if you want to move into a more powerful state of being I am here…

Elevated emotions Limited emotions


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