30 Day Challenge – Week 2

Week 2 of the #30DayChallenge 🙂

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Day 8/30

Today… the dishes were done and the washing was done…

While Little Miss slept I could have vacuumed, washed floors, checked emails or done some much needed work, but I decided it could all wait…

Instead I took the time to do a 15 minute online yoga session followed by 15 minutes of meditation.

… Before starting my 30 Day challenge I would meditate when I could, which was infrequent since becoming a Mum. Yet, each time I did meditate I felt so much better and the way I looked at things was different.

Now… after 8 days of committing to taking time for myself every day to meditate I am overall feeling happier and more energised (today’s yoga was such an awesome bonus).

This reminds me of the saying “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy then you should sit for an hour”

It’s easy for the busyness of life and family to take a priority but making yourself a priority makes life so much better (and easier)!

Feeling pumped!

Love and light,

meditate 20 minutes

Day 9/30

After today’s meditation I felt I needed to read this Marianne Williamson poem.

… It’s a beautiful reminder to us all.

Every sentence in this poem is so perfect that I could not pick just one to share here tonight…

Have a read… the line which stands out most for you is the one you most need to hear right now…

Love & Light,

Our deepest fear

Day 10/30

Today marks one third of the way into my ‪#‎30daychallege‬ and I am definitely feeling more joyful, lighter and so very grateful.

“Creating an attitude of gratitude”

Tonight I had my 15 minutes of meditative silence with a heavenly salty twist – there really is nothing quite like a magnesium salt bath on a cold day to refresh and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Today I want to share the culture of gratitude we cultivate in our home.

Every night when we sit down for dinner together we hold hands and share what we are grateful for, and although our daughter is under one we include her in this circle of love and gratitude.

Above all else we are always grateful for love and the opportunity to experience this life together as a family.

Today I am also grateful for:
– Walks in nature
– Spending quality time with friends & family
– My new daily meditation practice
– The opportunities which arise when I surrender
– The delicious dinner cooked by Mark Watts which nourishes me.

If it feels right for you I hope you will consider what you are grateful for today and begin to create an attitude of gratitude in your life and home.

Love & Light,


Day 11/30

“Melt downs, nourishing spirit and giving a little bit of tough love”

Since becoming a Mum there have been a couple mini “melt downs” which have usually come as a result of going for too long without having any “me time” to nourish me and my spirit.

It’s these times which need acknowledgement, a hug and the opportunity to have a bit of time out…

(Thanks Mark for giving me all of these…)

I have known for a long time (long before becoming and Mum) that I need an hour or so just for me each week to nourish my spirit and just be – to meditate, go to yoga or journal. Recently this has taken more shape with my ‪#‎30daychallenge‬ and for that I am incredibly grateful.

… When I don’t take this time I am a different person – I know it, Mark knows it, and I’m sure my daughter knows it (she, like all babies, is a very intuitive little being)…

When I look after me I know I have more generosity for others, I’m more present, I have more energy and my outlook on life is completely different. I think differently and I feel differently. Emotionally I am much more balanced.

If I had one wish or recommendation for everyone, which has no boundaries for age, gender or race, it would be to sit in contemplative silence for 15 minutes each every day.

… And… here is the tough love part…

If you don’t think you have time or you don’t think you need it… YOU probably need it A LOT!

Since I started the #30daychallenge Mark has also been spending 15 minutes each day in meditation. I am so grateful we can support each other in this way.

Thanks for reading this far… NOW… step away from your device and give yourself the all important nourishment.

Love & light,

nourish your spirit


Day 12/30

Notes from today’s journal… ❤️

A message for us all…

Trust your intuition.
Give yourself a break.
Life is simply a journey.
Be Bold.
Be Brave.
Be True.
Be Seen.
Above all else… LOVE.

be bold be brave

Day 13/30
Inspired to achieve greater peace ❤️

Inner Peace

Day 14/30

“The Surrender Experiment”

If I could recommend just one book, right now it would be “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer.

I first read this book six months ago.

It is one of the most profound books I have read.

The Surrender Experiment is a real life insight into what life could be if we simply stopped pushing, competing, striving, attaching ourselves to an outcome, controlling, resisting… and simply just… surrendered…

mmm… yes… surrender… (what a concept…)

Since reading the book I have actively asked myself the question:

“What would surrender look like in ___(fill in the blank)___ situation”

I have also actively practiced surrendering on a number of seemingly “big things” and life’s amazing synchronicity’s have delivered some powerful and amazing outcomes.

Through my daily meditations I am being reminded to continue on this path of surrender.

… I highly recommend the book! Five Stars!

Love & Light,

p.s. Mark also read and loved this book.
It has certainly been a catalyst for us in surrendering to the mystery and excitement of the unknown.



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