“Wellness Junkies”

Both of us had a bit of a laugh at this Food Matters blog yesterday…

Yes… we can laugh at ourselves and yes, we also proudly admit it: We are “Wellness Junkies…”

In fact… the list just doesn’t seem complete – there are more things we could add… 🙂

Just this morning (as we do every morning) we both started with
* 800ml of spring water with 5 drops of Doterra lemon oil, a pinch of himalayan salt and MSM powder
* A greens drink with 2 drops (Mark has 5 drops) of Doterra Oregano oil
* A coconut water with protein powder
* A toxin free coffee with butter (we actually choose ghee), high strength MCT coconut oil (called Brain Octane) and tonic herbs (whipped up in our thermomix – see #10 in the blog)
* And…yes all served in our recycled honey lady jars (see #3 in the blog)

… Over the past 3 years our lifestyle has changed so much in regards to how we eat, move and live that from the outside it can seem “crazy” (including to our family) for the non-converted, and also a big leap from how we lived before.

While the difference can seem huge from the outside, for us it has been a series of small choices which have culminated in how we live today.

We have stopped worrying what others think but still appreciate that it can be difficult for people wanting to cook us food and don’t live the same way. We have decided to simply be true to us and our values (which is what we also want for our clients… to remain true to their values).

It can also seem a bland way to eat, but…

… Possibly an alchemist in a past life, Mark is a brilliant cook and tonic maker (Dalice’s words), melding the most nutritious ingredients together which keep us both nutritionally rich and healthy.

We love to eat and be healthy so we keep things pretty simple – organic, fresh and nutritionally dense. We also like to stay clear from GMOs, gluten, dairy, refined sugars and fluoride (as much as possible we don’t drink tap water).

We believe it is the way we live which enables us to be more present and to have the energy and vitality to live a full life. We also enjoy it!

We know a lot of people don’t want to live this way. BUT… we also know a lot of people want to make some small changes so they can live life with more energy, presence, joy and all round vitality…

All while remaining human… life is to be enjoyed and every single one of us has a different perspective on what it is to feel and be healthy.

Some might choose to drink 2 litres of water a day and then choose to feel healthy…

… Others may feel healthy by choosing more in-depth strategies.

… But ultimately it is about taking the steps at the times that are right for you and integrating it into your life so it is not a stress. Your health choices should complement your life and the way you want to live.

… We are also still human… this month our niece celebrated a birthday and a delicious mud cake cooked by Dalice’s sister was the dessert so we shared a piece. No, it wasn’t gluten free, dairy free or refined sugar free… but we chose not to overthink it or beat ourselves up about it afterwards (that does’t mean we eat cake every day or even every week… it just means we find what works for us).

Through our coaching and consulting we work with our clients to find a strategy which works for them, a strategy which they can enjoy and it complements their life and lifestyle. A strategy with choices they feel good about.

If you want to know more we offer a free initial 15 minute consult.

During this call we find out a little bit about you, what you want and where you want to go. Prior to the initial consult we just ask that you complete a brief 10 minute survey, which gets you started asking some questions about yourself and what you are looking for.

Simply email dalice@daliceandmark.com or mark@daliceandmark.com to start.

Dalice & Mark

For a bit of a laugh, have a read: http://www.foodmatters.com/…/10-signs-you-re-a-wellness-jun…

It’s also not just about health, we also work with our clients in:
– Breaking through limiting beliefs and those repeating negative patterns.
– Gaining clarity in their life direction.
– Helping ignite their purpose/passions.
– Achieving success in their career.
– Improving sports performance.
– Having connected and authentic relationships


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