30 Day Challenge – Week 1

In July I was challenged to give myself 15 minutes each and every day. I decided to make a commitment by setting myself the challenge/goal to do this every day for 30 days.

Here is what I shared for the first 7 days…

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Day 1/30
On Thursday last week I was “challenged” to give myself 15 minutes each and every day to “just be”. To ground myself. To connect with myself.
As a new mum, but I think this applies to everyone, we can easily get caught up in the doing that we forget the being.
Today I started my “challenge” and have committed to 30 days of giving myself “me time”.
I have decided to split my 15 minutes into 10 minutes of meditation music and 5 minutes (or longer if I can) to journal.
From a deep place of vulnerability I share today’s “Ramblings from the heart…”
I want to be excited to get out of bed every day. I want to live life to its fullest, completely immersed in being, going, doing and having. I want to have complete faith, trust and surrender. I want to love completely and honestly. I want to contribute to others what I am here on this earth to contribute. I want to leave this place knowing that the world was better because I was in it. I want to have so many amazing experiences. I want to live the life I dream of each and every day. I want to know myself only as love. I want to experience myself as love.
Maybe I already am all of those things…
I would love for you to join me in 30 days of 15 minutes of technology free “me time” to get grounded and connect with self.
Love & light,

Love with our whole hearts

Day 2/30
I was looking forward to today’s 15 minutes of “me time” almost all day.
By the time I came to sit I realised how tired I was… Up three times last night for my little girl, 3 hours driving in the car today and a Soles4Souls meeting this afternoon. I was feeling drained, reminding me that this time to sit and connect with me each day is just so important…
Today I gave myself 10 minutes of meditation music plus 5 minutes of silence followed by extra time to journal. It feels good to be giving myself this space…
… It feels challenging to be vulnerable and to share my words “out there” for others to read…
… See you tomorrow for day 3 of the 30 day “challenge”…
Love & light,

Vulnerability, Brene Brown

Day 3/30
My 15 minutes of “me time” is slowly creeping up. It’s like intuitively I know 15 minutes isn’t quite long enough for me… I always want a bit more… ☺️
So today I had 10 minutes of meditation music, 5 minutes of silence and another 10ish minutes of journaling.
I’m feeling grateful I have started this new daily practice.
I am also feeling grateful for the encouragement. My only hope is that by sharing this journey that you will be encouraged or inspired to give yourself some technology free “me time”…
It’s a crazy busy world demanding (and at times stealing) our time and attention and we need to start taking some of that time back to connect with ourselves…
… Journeying within…

Carl Jung quote

Day 4/30
“Is it worth it?” said the doubter / the critic / the monkey brain.
“Yes, you are worth it” said the soul.
(… a little insight into my mind just before I started my 15 minutes tonight…
The pesky doubter started to come out… but I won…)

Quiet the mind

Day 5/30 “Take 1”
Sat down for my 15 minutes of technology free “me time”… Took my shoes off… and sleeping baby decided it was time to wake up.

Day 5/30 “Take 2”
“The power of commitment”
As I drove home tonight from family dinner I knew I still had my 15 minutes for today. I wondered if I hadn’t made a public commitment of the 30 day challenge if I would have skipped the time today and just gone to bed…
Now… On the other side of my 15 minutes (even though it’s late) I can honestly say that giving myself the time is worth it.
Making a commitment is worth it. It is the difference between simply wanting to do something and following through.
Setting an intention, making a commitment and taking action brings dreams to life.
Love & light,

Power of commitment

Day 6/30
Today is all about love ❤️
It’s Saturday which usually means Mark is home and I can take a bit more time for me. Today that equaled a much earlier and a much longer meditation which was lovely (thank you Mark xxx).
The message I got today from my meditation was L O V E
It is all about love.
Love for self.
Love for others.
Love for humanity.
Love for Mother Gaia.
So many warm and fuzzies. Feeling the love.
Love & light,

Heart tree

Day 7/30
“You are loved. You are blessed. You are filled with love and light.”
And I believe these words.
I wonder how different the world would be if we each said these words to ourselves when we go to bed each night…
Because you are loved. And you are blessed. And you are filled with love and light.
Love & light,

Love vibration


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