The Biggest Loser – how to unlock your inner potential!

This week published the article “The 4 Issues Scientists Have With The Biggest Loser”.

I have never been a fan of the show (or any “reality” TV show for that matter) and was interested in reading the article to hear a scientific perspective.

Although I don’t agree with the show and the messages it presents (especially to young minds), I do want to say I commend anyone for putting themselves into the position of going on The Biggest Loser. It certainly shows courage and a strong desire to make a BIG change in your life. 

The article raised issues such as health implications, attitudes to exercise, attitudes towards others and that the show only brushes over a key element in losing weight – the food you eat!

As a coach with a special interest in health and wellness I see another big thing missing from the show and the journey to sustainable and true wellness – the importance of aligning values and overcoming limiting beliefs. 

All health related issues, especially those relating to weight, are linked to deep-rooted beliefs and values we have about ourselves and our life. They cannot be “exercised out of you”, overcome by “pushing yourself harder” or “being tougher”.

Our values are what is important to us and what motivates us. They are our priorities.

Our beliefs are the convictions we trust to be true.

Our core beliefs and values define our personality and personality traits.

But, as is often the case, your values and beliefs can work against you and be secretly sabotaging your goals. Your values also operate in a hierarchy which, if left in the unconscious, can make achieving goals and maintaining results very difficult. To make lasting changes, those things hidden from you need to come into your awareness. The unseen must become seen.

Therefore, by focusing predominantly on the physical, the core issues which have created the presenting problem/s, are not being addressed. It’s like putting a bandaid over a prickle stuck in your side – you may not be able to see it, but it will cause issues for you in the future if you don’t remove it at the core. 

If you are on a journey to health and wellness and looking to overcome limitations I recommend turning off the “reality” weight loss TV shows and reaching out to a life-coach now. Investing in the gym, a personal trainer and good quality food is great and has its role to play, but investing in your core self is the key to unlocking your potential and achieving your dreams.

Love and light,

p.s. You can read the full article here:

iceberg - beliefs values


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