Today I had a sh*t meditation!

I realised this morning that it’s important we talk about the sh*t meditation experiences – what to do when it’s not comfortable or easy.

This morning I woke early to do a meditation at sunrise. It was a guided meditation – one of my favourites which I was really looking forward to. The previous time I did that particular mediation I had such a great experience, and felt complete joy and gratitude for life, feelings I was hoping to recapture.

Today, as soon as I switched on the meditation I immediately started to feel uncomfortable and very aware of my physical body. My arms were uncomfortable, I was thirsty and I was convinced mosquitoes were biting me. I couldn’t be still. I was moving my body a lot and feeling very unsettled – I was ready to go back, get some water and put lavender on to protect me from the mosquitoes. I really didn’t know how I was going to ‘endure’ these feelings for 75 minutes!

My mind was having its own conversation (around and around and around) about whether to continue or to go back to the room. I fought this battle with my mind for 45 minutes, and finally, slowly but surely, I started to overcome my body. My mind chatter reduced and I let the meditation guide me.

It would have been so easy at the time to stop, but I was rewarded for persisting. While it wasn’t my ‘best’ meditation I felt greater strength in my commitment to myself and my ability to overcome unwanted and uncomfortable feelings in my body. I also had a sense of joy and gratitude for life.

I decided to share this experience with you because whether it’s during a mediation or taking steps towards achieving your dreams, it may not always feel comfortable or easy. It’s great when it flows and is easy, but having strength and commitment to continue and persist when it seems ‘easier’ to stop and go back, is when you take the biggest steps in achieving your success.

Be persistent on the achievement of your dreams and you will be rewarded.

Love and light,


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