Are you committed or simply interested?

Have you ever honestly asked yourself whether you are truly 100% committed to achieving your dream/s?

If the answer is no, what would it look and feel like if you were committed? What action would you be taking?

For ten year I played State League netball. Throughout that time I missed one game that wasn’t from injury and I barely missed a training. I did it because I was committed to my team, I was committed to myself and I was committed to my goal and dream.

During that time I said ‘no, I can’t make it, I have netball (training or game)’ so many times I couldn’t count them. Not everyone understood missing events because of sport or a ‘game’ and sometimes I complained about it, but all the girls I played with did the same.

When you are simply interested it is easy to make excuses. When you are committed you act on your dream even when you don’t feel 100%.

Muhammad Ali said “I hated every minute of training. But I said “don’t quit” suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”.

Doing the hard work, the hours people don’t see, can be the hardest. You will come up against yourself time and time again. Quitting may even seem easier…

But… if you only work on your dream or your goals when you are motivated it is going to be a long road, and it is very unlikely you will reach your desired destination.

Some advice I once received was to start with just 3 hours per week dedicated to your dream. Spend the time doing the training whether that’s in sports, business, your finances, renovating your dream home, writing your book.

Whatever your dream is. Just start. Get committed.

Don’t have three hours? Start with 20 minutes a day. Just start. Move forward.

It doesn’t need to be about stopping or dropping everything you are doing and starting something from scratch. Start small. One act. One step at a time. Get committed and build your dream.

Some questions to ask yourself

– What would it look like if I were committed?
– How would I feel if I was committed?
– How would I talk about my dream if I was committed?

In understanding and appreciating the difference between committed and interested, take the time to read interviews with Ben Watts and Celia Boyd.

Love and light,


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