Wisdom. Consciousness. Leadership.

Last year I was asked: What is Wisdom?

I said: Seeing further together

When I think of wisdom I think of our consciousness.

As leaders of our own lives I believe it is our responsibility to raise our level of consciousness to make well informed decisions. Decisions which have considered both sides of the coin and everything and everyone the coin is connected to. Too often we hide behind the ignorance of ‘not knowing’. Maybe it seems easier to follow the crowd and trust that others will make good decisions for you and the world in which we live?

At Dictionary.com, on raising ones consciousness, it says: “to increase one’s awareness and understanding of one’s own needs, behaviour, attitudes, etc., especially as a member of a particular social or political group.” We are all part of a much bigger whole.

We all have the responsibility to increase our awareness and understanding. Our wisdom and seeing further into the future relies on our ability and commitment to increasing our level of consciousness about what matters – our people, our planet, our galaxy.

I am often confused by the choices made in our community from the individual level right through to Government and Big Business. Individuals might become aware and conscious about one social issue but completely ignore another e.g. The desire to buy local food to support local farmers, and therefore visit the Farmers Market each week (awesome) BUT then choose to buy ‘cheap’ fast fashion which keeps a young girl in a developing country as a slave. It just doesn’t make sense!

A few weeks ago I watched the Origins film (http://origins.well.org) and Hungry for Change, and this week I watched Bought (http://boughtmovie.net/free-viewing/ – available free for 5 more days).

One of my favourite quotes from Origins is: “What you are doing today should be sustainable for 7 generations into the future – not just for you and your generation today.”

I don’t recommend watching these films unless you are open to questioning our current reality. If you do decide to watch them, know it is a commitment to watch from start to finish.

Whether you decide to watch any of the above films or not, I do hope you choose to make a commitment to your consciousness, your wisdom and your personal leadership.

Love and Light, Dalice


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