The pigeon and the hole

Today I am unsubscribing from a stereotype and label which I have let hold me back.

I say “let hold me back” because I believe we all make our choices.

Early last year I was given a “Personality Test” (Myers Briggs) which included the introvert/extrovert preference.  The ‘test’ told me I was very highly introverted.

For 12 months I allowed my result to impact me and to define behaviours.  I became quieter and more reserved which then impacted my confidence.  I agreed to sit in a box for almost 12 months.  Now I am breaking out and saying: No labels. No pigeon holes. No stereotypes.

Labelling behaviours creates miss-conceptions and allows us to make excuses or reasons for certain behaviours. They are also a place to hide.

“I did that because….”
“That was the result because….”

We need to remember as powerful individuals that we always have a choice over our behaviour, our outcomes, our successes and our attitude. On the weekend for a bit of fun I answered the questions again and got the result of an “ambivert” – a mix between introvert and extrovert.

The test I did 12 months ago was part of a leadership course and we stood on different sides of the room – introverts on one side, extroverts on the other.

On that day there happened to be a lot of ‘extroverts’ in the room and the topic continued to be discussed throughout the year.  I am sure there was a lot of dialogue at the time about it only being preferences, but the labels stuck!

I strongly believe “Personality profiles” as they are so often called should simply be called “behaviour profiles based on the answers you gave on that day in the state you were in emotionally and physically”.  I am not convinced we need them at all.

Always remember you are not your behaviour.

See people for who they are – not for their behaviour.  Which means you must see yourself for who you are – not your behaviour.  Be free of the labels and live the life you imagine for you.

You are a magnificent being of light. You are perfect.

Love and light,

how you see yourself - Copy


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