Success & Your Full Potential

What are you currently doing in your life where you know you are not living your life to your full potential – work/career, relationships, sport, business, personal talents (eg singing).

Lately I have attracted conversations with people that are holding themselves back from greatness with excuses – I’m too old, too young, not smart enough, don’t have the knowledge, it will hurt, I might get hurt…

On average people are living within their self-created limits and stopping themselves from achieving and living their full potential. You and only you are standing in your way.

If I waved a magic wand and granted you your greatest desire what would that be? (Winning the lottery so you can run away and quit your job doesn’t count)

Ask yourself:

In what area of my life am I holding myself back?
What do I truly want?
What do I want (eg chocolate cake) that I am willing to give up for something I want more (eg health and fitness) OR a night in front of the TV or to learn a new language?
Am I willing to do the work?
Am I committed to doing the work even on the days that I just don’t feel like it?

Sometimes we are not willing to live to our full potential because we are too busy filling our lives – body, mind and spirit with short term ‘gains’. It is time to STOP and make the changes so you can begin living a connected and fulfilling life where you achieve your dreams and desires.

It is time now to create a big WHY for your goals because when your why is big enough you will find it easier to stay committed on the days that you aren’t motivated.

Start now by choosing one goal and writing a paragraph on all the positive reasons WHY you want to achieve it, then write a sentence or two on the pain you will have if you don’t make the changes and don’t achieve your goal.


– Take one action now to move you forward towards your goal – eg send an email or make a call.

– Keep your goal next to your bed and read it each morning when you wake and each evening when you go to bed.

Be the most amazing and greatest version of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Dalice 🙂

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