Success & Focus

This week I want to share something very close to my heart – The Butterfly Movement 2013 Soul Movement.

Just over two and a half years ago I was leading a very different life to the one I am leading now and while it had its comforts I wasn’t completely happy and it wasn’t the life I wanted to lead. I wanted connection, contribution and joy every day.

I started asking questions and exploring new possibilities – a process that continues today.

At the time I decided that I wanted to travel (I had no thoughts on where) and I wanted to volunteer. It was specific in some ways but broad in others – I had the ‘what’ but not the ‘how’ (which is where the magic lies). This decision led to conversations and then very quickly the opportunity to apply for a leadership position leading a group of predominantly Australian volunteers in a developing country – it was perfect.

Cutting a long story short I won the position and travelled to Kenya in late 2010.

It was everything and more. It changed my life on so many levels and I have a group of friends I call my Kenyan family. We lived, worked and laughed together every day and it was fantastic. We worked on awesome projects including building an Eco toilet, building a carpentry workshop and building two homes. One of the greatest highlights was running 5 medical clinics working with local doctors.

Towards the end of that journey we visited a school with an ‘outbreak if jiggers’. Not understanding what this meant, it was a challenging experience for me and my team. We watched as young children had their feet cut with razors to remove the parasite infection known as jiggers. The razor was used on multiple children and their feet were washed in blood stained water. It was sad and incredibly thought provoking.

This day and the thoughts stayed with me when I returned to Australia and within a short time I established a charity now known as The Butterfly Movement Ltd.

Together with an awesome community I have managed to achieve a lot but it is when I have given it my full focus that wonderful and magical things have truly happened. And in 2013 the goal is to take this to a completely new level by helping 100,000 people.

For you: The questions I have for you this week is ‘what do you want to achieve in your life?’ & ‘how are you going to place focus on it to turn the dream into reality?’

Chasing bright shining objects and changing focus takes away from your own success. It is time to create clarity and focus for you and your dream so you can achieve the success you desire.

Be the most amazing and greatest version of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Dalice 🙂

p.s. where attention goes energy flows.
p.p.s. 2013 Soul Movement to help 100,000 people video and details 

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