Success, Gratitude & Your Goals

I am sitting down to write this blog on success and goals with the thought in my head and feeling in my heart that “I love my life”. I feel so blessed and incredibly grateful to be surrounded by so much wealth. Wealth in the dictionary has many definitions, one of which is simply: an abundance or profusion of anything.

Yes wealth can mean financial abundance but wealth also means an abundance of love, compassion, happiness, time, opportunities, relationships, knowledge etc.

In our lives when we begin to focus our attention on the abundance and wealth in our lives, rather than lack, more abundance begins to appear. When we are grateful for what we have more of what we desire comes to us. This is of course the Law of Attraction but there is so much more to it than is explained in The Secret. I am therefore going to focus specifically here on you, your goals and gratitude and taking action.

Whether you are a regular reader of this blog or new to this site you should know that what I desire most is for you to live your life filled with happiness and to live your dream life. It is the reason I write. Just imagine if everyone walked around thinking “I Love My Life”!

Expressing your gratitude can take you closer to your goals. I am so grateful for all that I have achieved, the amazing opportunities I have had and the incredible people I continue to meet. I have even wondered if “I am just lucky?” And I believe “Yes I am”. But I know that luck is merely preparation meets opportunity and the more I focus on my passion and contribution to others the luckier I seem to get. Literally amazing things happen to me every week.

So far this year the blogs have been focused on your success with various take-away questions to play with at home and a “Funnel of Greatness” experiment. If you haven’t already started acting on these I strongly encourage you to go back and begin now.

As you work on setting your goals and moving towards their attainment it is important to develop your self-confidence in your brain by exemplifying the joy and successes that exists in every day.

Your brain responds to the written word, therefore while it is important to write down your goals it is also important to write down your gratitude’s and successes. If you do not write it down it floats out of your consciousness.

Today (yes before you go to bed tonight) list every achievement, pleasure, strength, joy and accomplishment achieved in 2012. Make it a timeline and if it is easier start from December and work backwards. For example mine looks a little like this:

January 2012 – sent 48,000 pairs of shoes in containers to Tanzania for people in need. Achieved charity status for the charity I established (The Butterfly Movement.)
February – Travelled to the USA to visit our partner charity
March – ………
Overall: I valued my health, I continued on my own personal growth journey, I helped to successfully lead my sports team through a new competition ……  etc.

Then, for the coming week – starting tonight – write three positive gratitude’s, joys and/or accomplishments from the day. You can write these in a journal or on a piece of paper next to your bed. You can choose to word it how you like but to help I begin mine with: I am so happy and grateful …….

Enjoy your week focusing on your achievements and wins (no matter how small they may seem write them down).

Be the most amazing and greatest version of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Dalice 🙂

p.s. Is financial wealth a key goal for you this year? Winning the Game of Money is a great program by John Assaraf. Check out the free webinar here and take the steps towards your success.

Love my life


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