Success & Your Destination

Throughout January we have been talking about success and moving you forward on your success journey to make 2013 your greatest year.

BUT….. When will you know you have arrived?

It is true that we never ‘arrive’ because we are always on the journey, but a big mistake people make is not setting and celebrating achievements along the way.

If we are not clear with ourselves at the beginning ‘what success means to me’ the goal posts continue to move and we have a tendency to compare our achievements with what others have achieved.

One definition of success is: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

The definition is not: The person with the most money or the biggest house or the best looking partner (you get the idea) is the most successful.

This is why success looks and is very different for different people because that which we aim to accomplish is different. Success is not a competition with another person.

So take a moment and think about your goals for 2013 (and beyond if you choose) in regards to your physical health, mental health, career, finances, holidays or travel, relationships, charity and contribution etc.

What are three things which will tell you, you have had a successful year in 2013?

What will it look like and/or feel like?

The reason we ask ourselves these questions is when we reach December 31, 2013 and we look back on the year that was we can see the measurable goals we set and how we achieved them, and we will know we had a successful year.

Be the most amazing and greatest version of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Dalice 🙂

p.s. If financial wealth a key goal for you this year? Winning the Game of Money is a great program by John Assaraf. Check out the free webinar here and take the steps towards your success.

I have arrivedI have arrived - bird


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