Mid Life Crisis?

Isn’t it funny how we always try to put a label on something or trying to find a pattern in other people’s behaviour?  Is it so we don’t feel quite so alone?

We seem to spend so much of our lives waiting for something, rushing toward something, looking behind us, around us and justifying where we are.  Is it so we can feel, for a brief moment in time, like we are in control?

I don’t know that our ‘mid-life crisis’ is coming earlier or if we are simply more aware that we have the power to change our circumstances and ultimately our life.  Perhaps it is a dissatisfaction with looking outwards rather than inwards and the popular belief that we will be happy when ………… or if………..

I would love to see a program commenced in schools where we learn to value ourselves and each other for our differences rather than our similarities.  Where we learn how the mind works and how to reprogram our thought patterns and paradigms.  Better yet let’s teach it at University level so that the teachers going into our schools have awareness of how their attitudes and beliefs can and will influence those that they teach.

Better yet, let’s teach it as parents and caregivers – imagine what a difference we could make to our children’s lives if we sat across from them at the table in the morning and said, I’m here with you and I know that you can do anything you want, go out, have a great day and explore all the possibilities and I will be waiting to hear all about it when you get home. And you finished your sentence with a kiss and a hug.

I think we would change their day before they even left the house and perhaps change the pattern of mid life crises for the next generation so that they no longer even exist.


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