Quarter life crisis? or opportunity?

Last month I was flicking through The Advertiser and I came across this article “Women are enduring a mid- thirties crisis” and I had to laugh to myself. I am turning 30 in a couple months and I have spent the last 2 years re-designing my entire life because I found myself on a path I thought I wanted, but actually wasn’t happy doing.

I had been meaning to write about it on here for a while but this week I received a lovely email from a friend that triggered my thinking again and the importance of sharing because ‘you are not alone’.

I think ‘around that 30s’ age is when things can start to shift for a lot of people. This was me too. In 2010, I was not far off 28 and not happy with what I was doing or where I was at, even though I was doing what I thought I had wanted for so long. Funny how that happens!

From the outside I am sure I probably looked ‘successful’ – whatever that means – but I wasn’t joyful or really happy and in truth I actually didn’t love or enjoy what I was doing or the career I had chosen for myself. I knew I wanted more and I was lucky to have the people around me that supported me in changing the whole trajectory of my life.

(telling people at my 10 year school reunion that I was single, unemployed and had just moved home with my parents & couldn’t be happier was quite funny and a story for another time. In short I was actualy free!)

So often we base our dreams, goals and desires on what we think we can get, what we think we deserve and/or what we think we should do based on society and the people close to us. Yet being open to what we really want and desire from our lives is something completely different and I would say for many people this takes ‘work’ to really discover it or uncover it. By work I mean taking the time and space to ponder the questions that rise up, taking the time to talk to people who have achieved in areas you would like to achieve in and giving ourselves the space to make mistakes and start over if we need.

Unfortunately I see that many people are afraid to do this. My wish is for everyone to realise how powerful they are and that they truly can achieve all they desire if they would only breathe through the uncomfortable and take that leap of faith.

“Fear is excitement without the breath” unknown

Having the courage to ask the questions and opening yourself up to more will reap great rewards.

I believe so much success comes from being grateful first for all that we have. Because when we have gratitude for all we have in our lives we see the world differently and wonderful things and people come into our life.

The last two years have been action packed and full of life and happiness. I study full time, have established a charity (The Butterfly Movement) and have spent more time with my family and friends. My life is heading in a direction I couldn’t be happier with. I wish this for everyone on their journey.

Know that you are powerful and you are 100% in control of the trajectory of your life. Each decision you make plays a part in what will become your life story.

I would love to hear from you and the story of your journey.

With Love,





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