Photos from Shoe Distribution in Tanzania

Photos from Shoe Distribution in Tanzania.

Today I want to share the heart warming photos which were taken in Tanzania this month.

Last year I founded the charity The Butterfly Movement and we ran our inaugural shoe drive collecting gently worn and new shoes for the people of East Africa. The original goal was to collect 10,000 pairs of shoes over a three-month period. Such was the support and interest in the campaign we smashed the original goal in 5 weeks and by the time the three-month time-frame was done we had more than 54,000 pairs.

The donated shoes are being distributed to individuals and also people who run micro-enterprise business, giving people a real hand-up.

This June shoes were distributed in Kigoma Tanzania. While I personally was unable to attend this shoe distibution I am very much looking forward to the next one following our next shoe drive.

Living your dream comes in so many different forms and it looks and feels different for each person. I love to help people and being a part of the journey for others is important for me. Contribution is a big part of me living my dream.

I hope you enjoy these photos. The smiles on the faces is priceless  🙂

That link to the photos is:

With love,


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