Are you an impact person?

I received this email today from Mary Morrissey. I think she is such an incredible teacher and wanted to share this with you.

With each day, realize that we are each here to make a difference.

For just a moment, think of one or two people in your life who have been “impact people.”  People who impacted your life in such a way that by their crossing your path, you knew you were more than you had thought.  You realized some things about life and yourself that empowered you and lifted you up.
You know what?  We are each meant to be impact people.
Let’s each find a moment, throughout our day, where we can make a difference.  When we are crossing someone else’s path we can be a demonstration, an example and a presence of love right here in a human form.
Thank you Mary!
Know that you make an impact in all that you do and are as a person.
I love the Butterfly Effect Theory: It is said that when a butterfly flaps it’s wings on one side of the earth it can create a hurricane on the other side. I believe we change the world one communication at a time and all that we do counts – therefore, let us ensure the impact we have is a positive one. If you haven’t yet read it check out this previous post ‘You count it all counts’.
With love,

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