Five Wishes

As we have talked about in previous blogs and on other pages within this site, last year we both undertook a class called Making a Million Look Small. One of the teachers in this program was the wonderful Gay Hendricks who among many books authored Five Wishes.

The premise of this book is to get you thinking about your life as if you had reached the end of your time and you look back on your life and ‘it was a complete success’.

What does that look like to you?

We really recommend this book and also this activity: Spend some time pondering and then answer this question:

You are now at the end of your successful and wonderful life and you are looking back on your time. What is the Number 1 thing which made your life a complete a success?

It is a great question to ponder. To read more Gay’s book is available on-line at Amazon – this is the link for you: Five Wishes by Gay Hendricks (this is a New York Times bestseller!)



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