Time management tip #5

How often do we get caught up jumping around from one thing to the next? Always in action doing doing doing and going going going!


Stop and take a step back now. Take the next ten minutes (and then ten minutes at the beginning of each day) and spend that time in quiet. Ask for guidance for your day. This is not a relgious act by any means, it is about taking the time to step back from all the action and busyness and allow the space for your mind to settle and bring forward the action you need to take – or not take – next.

With all the busyness of our lives today and all the stimulation from i-pods, computers, social media, the internet, email, radio, tv and our general daily lives we get stuck on the treadmill of life which doesn’t seem to have a start or finish in sight.


Stop, sit and be quiet for 10 minutes and see what comes up for you. By taking this short amount of time to stop all the ‘doing’ and ‘going’ you will become more produtive with your time and achieve more. You will achieve your goals with less effort and less stress.

Go and enjoy 10 minutes of quiet.


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