Time management tip #3

The $26,000 idea!

The $26,000 idea is all about prioritising and not moving off task. It’s about getting done the key jobs each day to be more productive and achieve your goals. The title ‘the $26,000 idea’ came from this little story.

A consultant met with a client and said “I will give you an action step to take and after you have implemented it for a week, and then had all your managers implement it, you send me a cheque for how much you think the action step/idea was worth”.

He sent him a cheque for $26,000……..

The action step/idea:
1. Make a list of the 7 highest priority things you need to get done today.
2. The begin working on the first one and DO NOT move off this task until it is complete.
3. Once the first task in complete move onto the second task and work on it until it is complete, then move onto the third task.
4. Continue with this until all seven tasks on the list are complete, and then begin again with a new list.

The key is to stay on task until each job is complete. So often we waste our time with taking action on things which do not move us forward while avoiding the things which will actually produce positive results.

Taking action can be fruitless if you are taking action on things which are moving you away from your goals. Take action now and write your first list of 7 and then begin at the top of the list.


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