Achieve your goals and start living the life you desire

One of the greatest things about being part of programs like MAMLS (this program transformed my thinking and results) is the access to leaders in the field of personal development, and subsequently their insights and knowledge. The below is an excert from a newsletter I received from Peggy McColl on ‘goal blockers’ late last week.

If you are wondering why you are not achieving your goal/s have a read of the 13 points below as put together by Peggy.

#1.  Thinking they’ve tried everything or thinking there is no other way.
Here’s the challenge with this belief (and that is precisely what it is, a fabricated belief); when someone thinks they’ve tried everything, they won’t try anything new.  They shut out any new ideas from coming to them.  Basically, they’ve given up and we all know what happens to a quitter (they never prosper).  This attitude of “I’ve tried everything” creates a block that will NOT allow or let in new ideas into your life, even if they are right in front of your nose.  Quite likely, you won’t even notice when a small shift could change everything.  Having this attitude will repel ideas, it will repel the attraction energy and send whatever it is that you desire in the opposite direction.  If you think you’ve tried everything, I suggest you think again…..and, then….think again…..and again…..and again…..and again (of course while you are thinking again you will want to think ONLY in a positive way).
Be open to everything and not attached to anything.  The following statement is the most important thing you’ll ever hear as it relates to goal achieving:  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW HOW you will achieve your goal, just decide WHAT you want, stay focused on it, believe you’ll get it and it will show up.  That’s it!  Plain and simple.
Here’s another key reason why people don’t achieve their goals:
#2.  They don’t believe they are worthy of the goal or deserve to have it.
For many years this was my biggest block.  I felt unworthy and thought I didn’t deserve success. This also comes from a low self-esteem.  Your first love needs to be self-love.
Know that you ARE worthy and you do deserve great things.  You are unconditionally loved and unconditionally deserving.  You have to truly believe this!  You have to know it.
#3.  Not having clear enough goals.
A goal of “wanting more money” could quite likely bring you one additional dollar and your goal will be achieved.  Be specific IF you know what you want.  I’d also like to suggest you add the words “this or something better by Divine Right” or “this or something better that is beneficial to all” as part of your goal statement.
As a “part B” to this goal blocker, I’d like to also add two things.  People don’t achieve their goals when they don’t write them down, or they have no goals, or they have a goal and they change their mind, and change their mind again, and again, and again and become what is called “scatter brained”.
It is perfectly fine to change your mind and your goal(s), but keep in mind, your goals are energy in motion, and this energy is moving in one direction, and when you change your goal, you’ve shifted the energy in another direction.  Hence, you will immediately start to move in another direction.  Just notice that this is part of the process.  Take your time and really think about what you want.  Invest quiet time, uninterrupted time, and focus on what you’d really like and when you are clear about your goals, commit them to paper.
#4.  The goals are not a stretch
We grow most when we are stretched beyond our comfort zones.  Having goals that are too easy are not motivating.  There is no inspiration in easy goals.  When you feel some “discomfort” (you are out of your comfort zone), you will be well positioned to grow.
Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
#5.  Goals seem too unrealistic.
This belief creates a paradox.  Was it possible in 1963 to run a mile in under 4 minutes?
Yes, of course, but no one believed it, except for Roger Bannister, who proved it in 1964.
If you believe your goal is unrealistic, and you hold on tight to that belief, you’ll likely get the result that will validate your belief = unachieved!  However, if you CREATE the belief that it can happen, and you intend to make it happen, and you hold onto that belief, your goal achieving chances have increased substantially.  I’m not saying you can go to the top of the Empire State Building, and if you believe you can fly, you will.  That is ridiculous, but I do know, from personal experience, that if you build your belief systems that create an unwavering faith, you will “move mountains”.
Remember you do not have to know HOW you’ll achieve the goal.  Have faith in the unknown and the known (the way) will reveal itself to you.
#6.  Continually thinking negative thoughts.
“It only takes a little bit of poison to kill.”  Any negative thought is poisonous.  Even if you have great goal statements, you’re a doing all of the things to move you toward your goals, and you have one thought that is negative, just one, it is likened to planting a seed, nurturing it and then pouring poison right on top.
There are many ways to combat this repetitive destructive behavior.  It has been recommended to place an elastic band on your wrist and monitor your thoughts and any time you have a negative thought, you can snap the elastic.  Another effective and powerful exercise is to write out your goal statement or a powerful affirmation at least 60 times each day (3 times a day, write out your goal 20 times).  Consistently monitor your thoughts and really think about what you are thinking about.
#7.  Using the words “I want” instead of the words “I have” or “I am” in a goal statement.
If you are writing and affirming a goal statement that says “I want….”, the Universe will respond and say “Yes, indeed you do.”  You will continue to experience “wanting” it.  Rather, use the word “I have….”  or “I am…..”  This little distinction will eliminate another goal blocker.
#8. No action is taken toward the achievement of the goal.
Yes, we are all energy and we have the ability to attract our heart’s desire to us, however, we also need to be moving toward the goal i.e. taking action.  Consider a powerful magnet and a pile of nails.  If the magnet is too far from the nails it will not attract the nails to it, however, if you move the magnet toward the nails, the magnetic power will attract the nails and the two will be combined.  The same principle works for you and your goals.  Yes, engage your magnetic power of attraction and then start to “move” toward your goal.
and a few other goal blockers to ponder:
#9. Goals are slowed down or blocked when people don’t take care of themselves physically.  Eating poorly, drinking heavily, not getting proper sleeps or lack of exercise will have a dramatic and negative impact on your goals.
#10. Continuing to judge themselves, their results and/or judging others.  This is negative energy and will pull you down.
#11. People who sit back and wait to receive and do not give anything.  This is backward thinking.  First you must give, then you will receive.  That’s a universal law.
and two more…
#12.  Not “acting as if” and getting that full body (or as I like to say “being”) experience of having the goal in advance.
#13.  Not being grateful for what you already have.

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