Time management tip #2

Once upon a time…..

There was a great wood chopper and he went out into the woods to chop down trees.

He was so great. Very efficient. Chopping down trees so fast and in record timing.

On that first day he chopped down 22 trees.

The next day he came back and he was still moving so fast. Chopping trees in record timing.

When it was time to finish for the day he had chopped down 20 trees. Not as many as the first day but still very good for one day.

As the days went on he worked harder and harder, but each day he chopped down less and less trees.

So he worked harder and harder, and harder still.

He was exhausted

and the moral of the story…..

He should have stopped to sharpen his axe.

When was the last time you stopped to sharpen your axe?

So often we think if we work harder and harder we will be able to get more and more done and we will achieve the best from our time. When really the best use of our time is to stop for a moment and sharpen our axe.


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