Time management tip #1

In search of the elusive extra hour/s in the day to get everything done?

Time management (and extra hours) is one of the most sought after skills people can spend their entire life in search of – unless they get the right help!

Basically we all have 24hours a day, 7 days a week and 12 months each year to get done what we need and want to get done. At every moment you have a choice and are 100% responsible about how you spend your time.

Procrastination is a big time killer (I myself am guilty of this at times) as can be the time spent travelling in the car listening to mind-numbing radio. In our fast paced life where we juggle multiple commitments we tend to spend a lot of time sitting in the car (or on public transport) getting to where we need to go.

If we all have the exact same number of hours a day it is about utilising the time to get the results you want to get. Over the next month (or so) we are going to focus on you getting your life back by better utilising your available time better.

This weeks action for you is – Turn off the radio and tune in to you!
Turning off the radio is about tuning in to what you are focusing on and thinking about. I spend most of my car trips listening to audio programs of things I want to learn about – specifically goal achievement and personal development audio programs. I don’t have lots of time to sit around and listen to them at home so by turning my car into a santuary for me to learn I get to learn and develop while still meeting all my other commitments. And when I am not listening to audio programs I am enjoying the peace and tuning in to my goals I want to achieve.

The other bonus of this is I am also a lot calmer in the car. It is about better utilisation of my time. Give it a go! – Turn that radio off and tune in to you.

I would love to hear from you with your own ‘time management’ tips and how you go turning off the radio.

Enjoy the peace,


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