To Be or Not To Be

I have always loved the question ‘to be or not to be’.  Not that I love Shakespeare or thought that the phrase had any particular meaning, but sometimes I would wander around saying to myself ‘To be or not to be that is the question’.  It is a big question and even when I say it mentally I use a grandiose type of voice that makes me want to stand taller, prouder and maybe even stick out my chest a little bit!  I now look at the question and realise that it is so much deeper and more challenging than I ever realised and as I grow older (wiser) I ponder this question with ever increasing purpose.

I often hear people say that they have no choice in how their life is currently progressing and I hear all the reasons why there is no choice.  Ask me, I can give you my own very well thought out reasons.  On the surface these reasons appear valid, logical and compelling however all the reasons appear to stem from the choice being based on external circumstance rather that internal, heartfelt choice.

As I ponder To be or Not to Be what comes to my mind is the choice, the choice To Be myself and all that I am or Not to Be.  To put everything on the line in a heartfelt, honest endeavour to lead my best life or to hold back a little, just in case.  To give all my love, to say what I truly feel or to remain quiet and still, withdrawing just a little from Being and in essence Not to Be.

Moving through life you realise every time you unconsciously make a choice Not to Be it is harder To Be.  To Be is not about being confrontational or wanting your own way all the time.  It is about conscious awareness of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs and knowing when and why we are making our choices and whether it is taking us closer or further away from Being.

To Be or Not To Be that is my question…


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