What will you read Today?

There has never been an easier time to connect with people.  We can blog, tweet, post and write about everything and anything and someone, somewhere will read it, share it, like it or maybe ignore it.  We are able to share and express, judge or ignore, educate or alienate and most of all we have an amazing opportunity to expand our knowledge.  We have unlimited access to ‘free’ information without having to leave  our home, or easier still, we can access this information while on the move from mobile phones and laptops.

While access to information is easy there is no method to ‘filter’ this information except for having a very clear intention of what type of information we would like to access.  Otherwise we can be overwhelmed and find ourselves reading countless pages of trivia, news, and gossip which clogs our minds and instead of empowering us slows us down and makes us ‘stuck’.  At one time we knew that if we opened an encyclopaedia the information was from a reputable resource, had been peer reviewed and was accurate representation of facts. The ‘internet’ on the other hand poses a challenge for all of us to ‘think’ for ourselves, disseminate information and question.

Education today is no longer about access to information, as we can access information nearly anywhere on any subject, the challenge is how do we teach ourselves to focus, stay on task and to really THINK for ourselves.

What will you read today?


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