What the Bleep do you know?

Yesterday I thought I would sit back and watch ‘What The Bleep’ do you know, again. I have now watched it a number of times and yet it still blows me away.

So often we talk about the impact our words and thoughts have on our lives and person, yet, this documentary on quantum physics explains why. I truly believe that we can create our own reality through our thoughts, and this documentary seals it for me.

The documentary ‘What The Bleep’ takes the thought and discussion about manifesting dreams into reality and puts the science behind it. We are all energy!

It is true – our thoughts create our reality. This is a fact that cannot be argued with. We are 100% responsible for the life we have designed and are living. We are all creating the future through our thoughts.

Each day we have an opportunity in time to create the life we want in the future. If we want to create change we need to abandon our current self long enough to dream about who we want to become and what future we what to have.

Through the MAMLS course I have workshopped through a lot of the activities/actions recommended to help create change though changing patterns to create the future I desire. I have written a mission statement (as talked about it my last blog), created a vision board, created an identity board and created a card with a list of new habits I want to create so it reminds me to take action each and every day. I am now taking time to stretch, meditate, read and be grateful each day. Amazing things are happening to me on a daily basis and I feel like the luckiest person!

As quoted in the documentary “If you can’t control your emotional state, you must be addicted to it”. We become so addicted to the different stresses in our life that we can’t quit our job that we hate or leave our partner or move out of the house we are in. It is these addictions that make us stick to our old patterns and nothing changes. And if nothing changes, nothing changes!

Changing your direction in life is powerful and living each day with joy is incredible.

Doing the MAMLS program has enabled me to take years off that change and move in an amazing life direction.  This year I will study, travel to the USA and Africa, play sport and be fit and healthy, continue to set-up my charity and help more people. I am being the change I wish to see in the world and it feels great. I needed a push and I got it.

Break your own mould and be liberated!

To watch the documentary FREE online click below.


With love


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