a little about Dalice :)

This week I am introducing me. In essence I am quite a private person, selecting what to share and who to share my story with, so this is quite a new thing for me to write this in this way. So here is goes  🙂

I think in some ways I will always be a private person, however, I will also be proud of who I am and stand strong in myself.

Through the MAMLS program I have made many decisions and shifts in my thoughts and paradigms. One of the decisions was to put what I learnt into action and to do the activities and suggestions (‘shelf-help’ is a great term – so often we read the books and think we are learning and taking it in, but unless you are actually taking firm action nothing changes – or if it does it is slow change).

One of the tasks was to write a mission statement for your life. Something which I am sure is much easier to write for a business or a friend! I found it quite a challenge to sum up in a sentence what I was going to stand for and what kind of person I was going to be in all aspects of my life. For me it was also an accountability statement for myself – something to always come back to.

In light of what my mission statement is I am choosing to share it here with you. My mission statement (taking a deep breath right now as I share this publicly) is:

To be truly seen
To give and receive love freely
To be inspired and inspire other

It took a few weeks of mulling words around to come up with and finalise it, but I am really happy with it now.

It is something I truly work on every day. To me, to be truly seen and to give and receive love freely is to be vulnerable and to be ok with that. Not an easy task for someone who internalises a lot!

I have always considered myself to be an incredibly honest person – and I am in fact a terrible liar. But I realise now to the a truly authentic and honest person I have to show and share my true self. I don’t mean to blurt out my life story to total strangers, but to share honestly with the people in my life that matter – even when it is a scary.

My journey so far is one I am really proud of and I am happy and optimistic for the future.

I also love this TED Talk on vulnerability.



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