Be Happier Now

One of the things we are told is we can always choose our attitude, which is 100% true, but sometimes that can feel too hard or overwhelming.

Different things (events or people) can push our buttons and put us into a ‘funk’ or ‘slump’. And when you are there, the way out doesn’t seem as easy or simple as “choose your attitude”. It can even seem easier (although it in fact takes more energy) to remain in a funk.

A few years ago, very early on in my personal development journey, I did a course called ‘Road to Freedom’ with Connie Diano. One of the very early things we were asked to do – possibly in our first or second session – was to make a list of things that we can easily do which will help us to ‘feel happier now’ – and to act on them during the coming weeks.

I can’t remember exactly what was on my list back then but it most likely included:

  • Go for a walk outside (you already know why this is good for you)
  • Meditate (meditation has so many benefits)
  • Listen to a fun upbeat song (music stimulates and uses the entire brain)
  • Read a few pages of a favourite book
  • Ring someone I love who will make me smile
  • Look at some great holiday photos
  • Give someone a big squeeze (hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels, which heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger)
  • Watch a fun You Tube clip (laughter is amazingly powerful)

This week I was reminded again about the small choices we can make in a moment to change our state to be more resourceful and positive and to enjoy life more fully. The reminder was thanks to and the blog How to transform your life in 6 minutes a day which was published last year.

Making a choice to choose you attitude may seem challenging at the time, but making a decision to act and take a small step doing something which you enjoy is easy. Imagine the difference in your physiology and mood when you change the sound tracks of your life – start by swapping the sad song for something that gets you up and jumping around (literally!)!

When would now be a good time for you to choose your attitude?

I encourage you to start a list today, start with 5 to 10 things which lift your mood and nurture your soul. They don’t have to be big things, in fact little things are great. I promise, once you start Being Happier Now you will want more of it and adding to your list will be easier.

Love and Light,

p.s. always be conscious of what is going into “Your Funnel of Greatness

The pigeon and the hole

Today I am unsubscribing from a stereotype and label which I have let hold me back.

I say “let hold me back” because I believe we all make our choices.

Early last year I was given a “Personality Test” (Myers Briggs) which included the introvert/extrovert preference.  The ‘test’ told me I was very highly introverted.

For 12 months I allowed my result to impact me and to define behaviours.  I became quieter and more reserved which then impacted my confidence.  I agreed to sit in a box for almost 12 months.  Now I am breaking out and saying: No labels. No pigeon holes. No stereotypes.

Labelling behaviours creates miss-conceptions and allows us to make excuses or reasons for certain behaviours. They are also a place to hide.

“I did that because….”
“That was the result because….”

We need to remember as powerful individuals that we always have a choice over our behaviour, our outcomes, our successes and our attitude. On the weekend for a bit of fun I answered the questions again and got the result of an “ambivert” – a mix between introvert and extrovert.

The test I did 12 months ago was part of a leadership course and we stood on different sides of the room – introverts on one side, extroverts on the other.

On that day there happened to be a lot of ‘extroverts’ in the room and the topic continued to be discussed throughout the year.  I am sure there was a lot of dialogue at the time about it only being preferences, but the labels stuck!

I strongly believe “Personality profiles” as they are so often called should simply be called “behaviour profiles based on the answers you gave on that day in the state you were in emotionally and physically”.  I am not convinced we need them at all.

Always remember you are not your behaviour.

See people for who they are – not for their behaviour.  Which means you must see yourself for who you are – not your behaviour.  Be free of the labels and live the life you imagine for you.

You are a magnificent being of light. You are perfect.

Love and light,

how you see yourself - Copy


Last month I had a dream realised! For several years I had dreamed of doing coaching training and developing my skills in a field which would not only enhance my life and career but would also support others in achieving their potential. My biggest BUZZ always comes when I work with an individual or a team on a skill or a goal and they achieve it – or exceed it!

For years I researched different coaching courses but was never convinced or confident about which direction to take and which one to choose – there a lot of options in the training marketplace for both professional and personal development. It wasn’t until I received a recommendation from a mentor that I trusted in this area that I finally committed.  And I am so glad I did.

The course I decided to go with was Transformational NLP Practitioner Certification© Training with Dr Vesna Grubacevic and I graduated as a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapy certified and Coaching certified. 

I am already more confident and conscious in meetings and focused on the outcomes, connecting better with others and moving forward on my goals and dreams personally and professionally. I am a big believer and promoter of investing in your own development and being an inspired work in progress, and this course was a great investment.

Over the coming months I am looking forward to sharing some of the techniques here on the Live Your Dream site to assist you in your goals.

If you haven’t already, join us on facebook at: for daily inspirations to Live Your Dream.

Go forth and live your dream,


Improve your health & happiness in 2015

When I was 10 I decided that I would do the 40hr famine. I was also a budding entrepreneur making beaded jewelry and Christmas decorations which my sisters would sell at their work and I would sell to friends of my parents. Some things have changed, some haven’t.

I was independent and motivated to make a difference. Little did I know then, I was encouraging philanthropy, something which I have remained passionate about and still encourage today.  This is a little something from my 2014: Doubling Your Impact.

This week I read a wrap-up of the JBWere Australian Giving Trends report from August 2014 in the Dec/Jan edition of the Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine. If you are interested, the full report can be found online here

A few comments stood out for me:

“those who give are sharing their good fortune, what we haven’t done is convince those who aren’t giving to start”

“giving isn’t being taught by families”

 “it’s the fifth year since 2005 that the proportion of people donating has declined on the previous year”

 “a higher proportion of women made gifts than men (37.2% versus 34.2%) and they donated more of their income (0.37% average, versus 0.31%)”

At this time of year we often sit and reflect on the year that was – the highs, the lows and the bits in between. We also set our goals and intentions for the coming year. If you are looking for a tip on how to get more from your goals and reflections, this post might help.

What I believe we are failing to do as individuals is include our philanthropy (financially and/or time), and how we want to contribute, in our annual goals, intentions and reflections.

What is the difference you want to make in 2015 and beyond?

I am grateful for all my opportunities and believe philanthropy (of all shapes and sizes) is an important part of our cultural fabric. Giving helps to build a society we want in the future – one of generosity, compassion and fairness.

Giving is also proven to improve our own health, happiness and social connection. Check out “5 Ways Giving Is Good for You” by The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

Put simply, philanthropy leads us to better well-being.

In response to the findings in the JBWere report, I dream that in 2015 and beyond we engage our hearts and minds and choose to make a positive difference in the world in which we live, starting by including giving in our 2015 goal setting.

Peace and happiness,

p.s. Always remember, you have the amazing power to make a positive change in the lives of others – and your own. 


My Soul Journey

“To contribute to the world and others, to have passion for life and learning and to be inspired and inspire others is why I get out of bed and do the work that I do.”

A few years ago now my life was headed in a very different direction – I was focused, I worked hard, I was ‘comfortable’ and I was bored with a capital B. I wasn’t connected to me and what I really wanted. The trouble was, for a long while I didn’t even realise I was on a ‘ladder of success’ leaned up against the wrong wall!

I decided I wanted travel and an escape from the mundane – what I got was a life changing adventure and a newfound connection, purpose and passion to my life. And years later I couldn’t be happier with the wall my ladder is now resting against.

I established The Butterfly Movement Ltd (now trading as Soles4Souls Australia) in 2011 which is based on the theory that when a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world it can create a hurricane on the other side. It is about making our impact on the world and the lives of others, whether they live next door or across oceans, a positive one. At Soles4Souls Australia we provide life supporting footwear to individuals and micro-enterprise traders around the world which are donated by individuals and businesses Australia-wide.

Establishing Soles4Souls Australia is my highest career and personal achievement and a great deal has been achieved by the organisation and community in the past two years including first and foremost the re-distribution of 100,000 pairs of shoes around the world to people in need in Australia, Tanzania, Vanuatu and Guatemala.

I started the organisaton after travelling and volunteering in Kenya for three months with a great Australian organisation called World Youth International. Living and working in rural Kenya alongside my team for three months with little to no ‘western comforts’ was a defining leadership opportunity and life experience. This experience has been the strength of the foundation for the work I have gone on to achieve with Soles4Souls Australia and I am very grateful to the organisation and my team for the opportunity to lead such an important volunteer and development program.

Today my goal and vision for The Butterfly Movement Ltd. is to have a positive impact on the lives of others and the world – one person at a time. Using Soles4Souls Australia as a conduit I also hope to inspire others through the powerful impact they can and do have in this world creating connection, purpose and passion.

What if?

What if… a simple pair of shoes was the key to reducing the risk of infection and improving the health of an 8 year old girl, allowing her to attend school, gain an education and play with her friends?

What if… this girl, because of her school education, grew up to go to university or gain employment in her community, giving her the skills and means to support herself and her family?

What if… because of her employment she was then able to invest more in her children in turn, improving their health, education and future opportunities?

 “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi”

Thank you for dropping by our blog – be inspired to live the life you dream of!

Dalice :)

Success & Your Full Potential

What are you currently doing in your life where you know you are not living your life to your full potential – work/career, relationships, sport, business, personal talents (eg singing).

Lately I have attracted conversations with people that are holding themselves back from greatness with excuses – I’m too old, too young, not smart enough, don’t have the knowledge, it will hurt, I might get hurt…

On average people are living within their self-created limits and stopping themselves from achieving and living their full potential. You and only you are standing in your way.

If I waved a magic wand and granted you your greatest desire what would that be? (Winning the lottery so you can run away and quit your job doesn’t count)

Ask yourself:

In what area of my life am I holding myself back?
What do I truly want?
hat do I want (eg chocolate cake) that I am willing to give up for something I want more (eg health and fitness) OR a night in front of the TV or to learn a new language?
Am I willing to do the work?
Am I committed to doing the work even on the days that I just don’t feel like it?

Sometimes we are not willing to live to our full potential because we are too busy filling our lives – body, mind and spirit with short term ‘gains’. It is time to STOP and make the changes so you can begin living a connected and fulfilling life where you achieve your dreams and desires.

It is time now to create a big WHY for your goals because when your why is big enough you will find it easier to stay committed on the days that you aren’t motivated.

Start now by choosing one goal and writing a paragraph on all the positive reasons WHY you want to achieve it, then write a sentence or two on the pain you will have if you don’t make the changes and don’t achieve your goal.


– Take one action now to move you forward towards your goal – eg send an email or make a call.

– Keep your goal next to your bed and read it each morning when you wake and each evening when you go to bed.

Be the most amazing and greatest version of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Dalice :)

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