Improve your health & happiness in 2015

When I was 10 I decided that I would do the 40hr famine. I was also a budding entrepreneur making beaded jewelry and Christmas decorations which my sisters would sell at their work and I would sell to friends of my parents. Some things have changed, some haven’t.

I was independent and motivated to make a difference. Little did I know then, I was encouraging philanthropy, something which I have remained passionate about and still encourage today.  This is a little something from my 2014: Doubling Your Impact.

This week I read a wrap-up of the JBWere Australian Giving Trends report from August 2014 in the Dec/Jan edition of the Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine. If you are interested, the full report can be found online here

A few comments stood out for me:

“those who give are sharing their good fortune, what we haven’t done is convince those who aren’t giving to start”

“giving isn’t being taught by families”

 “it’s the fifth year since 2005 that the proportion of people donating has declined on the previous year”

 “a higher proportion of women made gifts than men (37.2% versus 34.2%) and they donated more of their income (0.37% average, versus 0.31%)”

At this time of year we often sit and reflect on the year that was – the highs, the lows and the bits in between. We also set our goals and intentions for the coming year. If you are looking for a tip on how to get more from your goals and reflections, this post might help.

What I believe we are failing to do as individuals is include our philanthropy (financially and/or time), and how we want to contribute, in our annual goals, intentions and reflections.

What is the difference you want to make in 2015 and beyond?

I am grateful for all my opportunities and believe philanthropy (of all shapes and sizes) is an important part of our cultural fabric. Giving helps to build a society we want in the future – one of generosity, compassion and fairness.

Giving is also proven to improve our own health, happiness and social connection. Check out “5 Ways Giving Is Good for You” by The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

Put simply, philanthropy leads us to better well-being.

In response to the findings in the JBWere report, I dream that in 2015 and beyond we engage our hearts and minds and choose to make a positive difference in the world in which we live, starting by including giving in our 2015 goal setting.

Peace and happiness,

p.s. Always remember, you have the amazing power to make a positive change in the lives of others – and your own. 


My Soul Journey

“To contribute to the world and others, to have passion for life and learning and to be inspired and inspire others is why I get out of bed and do the work that I do.”

A few years ago now my life was headed in a very different direction – I was focused, I worked hard, I was ‘comfortable’ and I was bored with a capital B. I wasn’t connected to me and what I really wanted. The trouble was, for a long while I didn’t even realise I was on a ‘ladder of success’ leaned up against the wrong wall!

I decided I wanted travel and an escape from the mundane – what I got was a life changing adventure and a newfound connection, purpose and passion to my life. And years later I couldn’t be happier with the wall my ladder is now resting against.

I established The Butterfly Movement Ltd (now trading as Soles4Souls Australia) in 2011 which is based on the theory that when a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world it can create a hurricane on the other side. It is about making our impact on the world and the lives of others, whether they live next door or across oceans, a positive one. At Soles4Souls Australia we provide life supporting footwear to individuals and micro-enterprise traders around the world which are donated by individuals and businesses Australia-wide.

Establishing Soles4Souls Australia is my highest career and personal achievement and a great deal has been achieved by the organisation and community in the past two years including first and foremost the re-distribution of 100,000 pairs of shoes around the world to people in need in Australia, Tanzania, Vanuatu and Guatemala.

I started the organisaton after travelling and volunteering in Kenya for three months with a great Australian organisation called World Youth International. Living and working in rural Kenya alongside my team for three months with little to no ‘western comforts’ was a defining leadership opportunity and life experience. This experience has been the strength of the foundation for the work I have gone on to achieve with Soles4Souls Australia and I am very grateful to the organisation and my team for the opportunity to lead such an important volunteer and development program.

Today my goal and vision for The Butterfly Movement Ltd. is to have a positive impact on the lives of others and the world – one person at a time. Using Soles4Souls Australia as a conduit I also hope to inspire others through the powerful impact they can and do have in this world creating connection, purpose and passion.

What if?

What if… a simple pair of shoes was the key to reducing the risk of infection and improving the health of an 8 year old girl, allowing her to attend school, gain an education and play with her friends?

What if… this girl, because of her school education, grew up to go to university or gain employment in her community, giving her the skills and means to support herself and her family?

What if… because of her employment she was then able to invest more in her children in turn, improving their health, education and future opportunities?

 “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi”

Thank you for dropping by our blog – be inspired to live the life you dream of!

Dalice :)

Success & Your Full Potential

What are you currently doing in your life where you know you are not living your life to your full potential – work/career, relationships, sport, business, personal talents (eg singing).

Lately I have attracted conversations with people that are holding themselves back from greatness with excuses – I’m too old, too young, not smart enough, don’t have the knowledge, it will hurt, I might get hurt…

On average people are living within their self-created limits and stopping themselves from achieving and living their full potential. You and only you are standing in your way.

If I waved a magic wand and granted you your greatest desire what would that be? (Winning the lottery so you can run away and quit your job doesn’t count)

Ask yourself:

In what area of my life am I holding myself back?
What do I truly want?
hat do I want (eg chocolate cake) that I am willing to give up for something I want more (eg health and fitness) OR a night in front of the TV or to learn a new language?
Am I willing to do the work?
Am I committed to doing the work even on the days that I just don’t feel like it?

Sometimes we are not willing to live to our full potential because we are too busy filling our lives – body, mind and spirit with short term ‘gains’. It is time to STOP and make the changes so you can begin living a connected and fulfilling life where you achieve your dreams and desires.

It is time now to create a big WHY for your goals because when your why is big enough you will find it easier to stay committed on the days that you aren’t motivated.

Start now by choosing one goal and writing a paragraph on all the positive reasons WHY you want to achieve it, then write a sentence or two on the pain you will have if you don’t make the changes and don’t achieve your goal.


– Take one action now to move you forward towards your goal – eg send an email or make a call.

– Keep your goal next to your bed and read it each morning when you wake and each evening when you go to bed.

Be the most amazing and greatest version of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Dalice :)

Three choices

Success & Focus

This week I want to share something very close to my heart – The Butterfly Movement 2013 Soul Movement.

Just over two and a half years ago I was leading a very different life to the one I am leading now and while it had its comforts I wasn’t completely happy and it wasn’t the life I wanted to lead. I wanted connection, contribution and joy every day.

I started asking questions and exploring new possibilities – a process that continues today.

At the time I decided that I wanted to travel (I had no thoughts on where) and I wanted to volunteer. It was specific in some ways but broad in others – I had the ‘what’ but not the ‘how’ (which is where the magic lies). This decision led to conversations and then very quickly the opportunity to apply for a leadership position leading a group of predominantly Australian volunteers in a developing country – it was perfect.

Cutting a long story short I won the position and travelled to Kenya in late 2010.

It was everything and more. It changed my life on so many levels and I have a group of friends I call my Kenyan family. We lived, worked and laughed together every day and it was fantastic. We worked on awesome projects including building an Eco toilet, building a carpentry workshop and building two homes. One of the greatest highlights was running 5 medical clinics working with local doctors.

Towards the end of that journey we visited a school with an ‘outbreak if jiggers’. Not understanding what this meant, it was a challenging experience for me and my team. We watched as young children had their feet cut with razors to remove the parasite infection known as jiggers. The razor was used on multiple children and their feet were washed in blood stained water. It was sad and incredibly thought provoking.

This day and the thoughts stayed with me when I returned to Australia and within a short time I established a charity now known as The Butterfly Movement Ltd.

Together with an awesome community I have managed to achieve a lot but it is when I have given it my full focus that wonderful and magical things have truly happened. And in 2013 the goal is to take this to a completely new level by helping 100,000 people.

For you: The questions I have for you this week is ‘what do you want to achieve in your life?’ & ‘how are you going to place focus on it to turn the dream into reality?’

Chasing bright shining objects and changing focus takes away from your own success. It is time to create clarity and focus for you and your dream so you can achieve the success you desire.

Be the most amazing and greatest version of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Dalice :)

p.s. where attention goes energy flows.
p.p.s. 2013 Soul Movement to help 100,000 people video and details 

Thank you sign

Success, Gratitude & Your Goals

I am sitting down to write this blog on success and goals with the thought in my head and feeling in my heart that “I love my life”. I feel so blessed and incredibly grateful to be surrounded by so much wealth. Wealth in the dictionary has many definitions, one of which is simply: an abundance or profusion of anything.

Yes wealth can mean financial abundance but wealth also means an abundance of love, compassion, happiness, time, opportunities, relationships, knowledge etc.

In our lives when we begin to focus our attention on the abundance and wealth in our lives, rather than lack, more abundance begins to appear. When we are grateful for what we have more of what we desire comes to us. This is of course the Law of Attraction but there is so much more to it than is explained in The Secret. I am therefore going to focus specifically here on you, your goals and gratitude and taking action.

Whether you are a regular reader of this blog or new to this site you should know that what I desire most is for you to live your life filled with happiness and to live your dream life. It is the reason I write. Just imagine if everyone walked around thinking “I Love My Life”!

Expressing your gratitude can take you closer to your goals. I am so grateful for all that I have achieved, the amazing opportunities I have had and the incredible people I continue to meet. I have even wondered if “I am just lucky?” And I believe “Yes I am”. But I know that luck is merely preparation meets opportunity and the more I focus on my passion and contribution to others the luckier I seem to get. Literally amazing things happen to me every week.

So far this year the blogs have been focused on your success with various take-away questions to play with at home and a “Funnel of Greatness” experiment. If you haven’t already started acting on these I strongly encourage you to go back and begin now.

As you work on setting your goals and moving towards their attainment it is important to develop your self-confidence in your brain by exemplifying the joy and successes that exists in every day.

Your brain responds to the written word, therefore while it is important to write down your goals it is also important to write down your gratitude’s and successes. If you do not write it down it floats out of your consciousness.

Today (yes before you go to bed tonight) list every achievement, pleasure, strength, joy and accomplishment achieved in 2012. Make it a timeline and if it is easier start from December and work backwards. For example mine looks a little like this:

January 2012 – sent 48,000 pairs of shoes in containers to Tanzania for people in need. Achieved charity status for the charity I established (The Butterfly Movement.)
February – Travelled to the USA to visit our partner charity
March – ………
Overall: I valued my health, I continued on my own personal growth journey, I helped to successfully lead my sports team through a new competition ……  etc.

Then, for the coming week – starting tonight – write three positive gratitude’s, joys and/or accomplishments from the day. You can write these in a journal or on a piece of paper next to your bed. You can choose to word it how you like but to help I begin mine with: I am so happy and grateful …….

Enjoy your week focusing on your achievements and wins (no matter how small they may seem write them down).

Be the most amazing and greatest version of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Dalice :)

p.s. Is financial wealth a key goal for you this year? Winning the Game of Money is a great program by John Assaraf. Check out the free webinar here and take the steps towards your success.

Love my life

Success & Your Destination

Throughout January we have been talking about success and moving you forward on your success journey to make 2013 your greatest year.

BUT….. When will you know you have arrived?

It is true that we never ‘arrive’ because we are always on the journey, but a big mistake people make is not setting and celebrating achievements along the way.

If we are not clear with ourselves at the beginning ‘what success means to me’ the goal posts continue to move and we have a tendency to compare our achievements with what others have achieved.

One definition of success is: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

The definition is not: The person with the most money or the biggest house or the best looking partner (you get the idea) is the most successful.

This is why success looks and is very different for different people because that which we aim to accomplish is different. Success is not a competition with another person.

So take a moment and think about your goals for 2013 (and beyond if you choose) in regards to your physical health, mental health, career, finances, holidays or travel, relationships, charity and contribution etc.

What are three things which will tell you, you have had a successful year in 2013?

What will it look like and/or feel like?

The reason we ask ourselves these questions is when we reach December 31, 2013 and we look back on the year that was we can see the measurable goals we set and how we achieved them, and we will know we had a successful year.

Be the most amazing and greatest version of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Dalice :)

p.s. If financial wealth a key goal for you this year? Winning the Game of Money is a great program by John Assaraf. Check out the free webinar here and take the steps towards your success.

I have arrivedI have arrived - bird

Success & Reaching for the Stars

We are now a couple weeks into our 2013 success journey and I hope you are having success with the ‘Funnel of Greatness’ experiment and the ‘Wealth Dynamics Profile’.

Has anything magical or interesting happened that you would like to share? You can share your story below or email

Through my journey to success I have had the joy of coming into contact with some incredible people who are connected with their purpose and are truly contributing to the world and the lives of others in a positive way. They are genuine, authentic and loving in their journey.

One of these is Mary Morrissey. I first came into contact with Mary through the MAMLS program and I continue today to receive her daily Dream Builder emails. I really appreciated this email I received recently and wanted to share this with you:

Michelangelo once said that the greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that our aim is too low and we reach it.

It’s tempting to set a goal you think you can achieve based on your current circumstances. But, circumstances are only your history – they are not your destiny. There is something in you that is greater than the circumstances you are facing.

Today, pause for just a moment and ask, “What would I do if I believed I could not fail?”

Reach For The Stars!

As you move forward on your success journey continue with your Funnel of Greatness and answer the question: What would you do if you could not fail? And take a step forward. It may be a big step or it could be a little step, but make sure you are moving toward that which you desire.

Be the most amazing and greatest version of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Dalice :)

p.s. Check out Mary Morrissey’s Dream Builder Program
p.p.s. Watch Mary’s 3 video dream builder sequence here

reach for the stars

Success & Your Life Your Legacy Cont.

On January 1st I posted a blog Your Life Your Legacy. The focus of the blog was on contribution and your contribution goal for 2013, however, this week’s blog is on you, you operating and living in your ‘flow’ and earning the wealth you desire.

‘Your Life Your Legacy’ is in fact a book by Roger Hamilton which I highly recommend you read.

The blogs to start 2013 are focused on success and you achieving your best year in 2013. If you read last week’s blog ‘Success and Your Funnel of Greatness’ you will have (hopefully) started the experiment. Have you noticed anything in particular?

As we move forward on our success journey this year I have four questions for you:

– In 2013 how am I going to create an amazing transformation for myself?

– What am I no longer willing to accept in 2013?

– What do I really want in 2013? – physical health, mental health, career, finances, holidays or travel, relationships, charity and contribution (be specific in your descriptions)

– What is one step I can take today to move me forward towards achieving my greatest 2013?

Through Roger Hamilton’s book ‘Your Life Your Legacy’ he encourages us to live in ‘our flow’ and profiles different entrepreneurs from Richard Branson to Bill Gates and how they have followed their flow to create wealth in their own right – which leads to great contribution.

Roger Hamilton has also developed a Wealth Dynamics Profile Test which is the fastest way for entrepreneurs (we are all entrepreneurs in some way) to find their flow.

In less than 20 minutes know exactly your path of least resistance to propel you on your journey this year.

The Wealth Dynamics Profile is the only personality test that tells you exactly what strategy you should follow to build wealth.

Be the most amazing and greatest version of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Dalice :)

p.s. Jump on and check out the Wealth Dynamic Profile and kick start your 2013.

Your Life Your Legacy

Your Life Your Legacy

Success & Your Funnel of Greatness

I am beginning this year with a series of blogs on success and how you can make 2013 a great year – because you deserve it!

The first in the series is The Funnel of Greatness.

If you think of a picture of you and above your head is a funnel with all the influences in your life – friends, family, work, newspaper, radio, tv, books etc. What are you pouring in?

Your life is an expression of your mind and it is no mistake when it is said ‘you are the average of the five closest people you spend the most time with’ – including relationships quality, financial wealth, happiness, success, confidence and more.

If you are an extension of the people you spend time with, the books you read, the television and movies you watch, music and radio you listen too, the YouTube you watch, who are you and what results is this producing for you in your life?

You have infinite potential but it all comes back to what you put into your funnel that will determine your results and success.

For the remainder of January (3weeks) I challenge you to be aware of what is going into your funnel and to focus on putting only positive into your funnel and see the results you get.

And remember ‘if nothing changes, nothing changes’ so if you want the fantastic 2013 you deserve then it is experiments like this that will move you forward to greatness.

I have already begun the challenge and am paying closer attention to the conversations around me and carefully choosing what I watch, read and listen to. I would love to hear how you go!

Be the most amazing and greatest version of you!

Peace and Happiness,
Dalice :)

p.s. check out this YouTube clip. She is young but her 6 month Funnel of Greatness experiment is featured well in this TED Talk:

What are you puttinginto your Funnel of Greatness?

                        What are you puttinginto your Funnel of Greatness?

Your Life Your Legacy

What’s your 2013 contribution going to be?

We know our lives are interconnected and whether we consciously choose to, or not, we are leaving our legacy through all our actions and words.

When we enter into the New Year and we reassess and set new goals, most often these are with the intention of improving our lives. But how often do we set or include a goal for what we are going to give and contribute during the year to others and our world?

Maybe this is your contribution to your relationships with your close family – partner, parents, children, siblings, Or your friendships, Or your local community – neighbours, colleagues, team mates, Or the wider community – local or global.

As the beautiful Audrey Hepburn eloquently said “As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others”.

This year as you set your goals remember that the hand of the giver is never empty because the rewards are returned multiplied. And set yourself a personal goal (and make a committment to yourself to fulfill it) and include a goal which will light up both your life and the life/lives of others.  

A couple questions to help you
1. What cause am I passionate about?
2. What skills or assets do I have that I could contribute?
3. What contribution do I want to make this year – financially or with my time – to charity or community?
4. What is the positive impact I want to make this year to the lives of others and the planet?

You are so powerful and magnificent. Have a fantastic 2013 and I look forward to hearing and seeing your contribution this year   :)

With love,

p.s. I am now waking up smiling from the inside and already seeing results. For greater success and results watch this free webinar

Audrey Hepburn "As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others"

Audrey Hepburn “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others”