How open are you?

Tapping are you serious!

This is what I first thought when I first heard about it.  Over the past year I have looked at and investigated different avenues of self development and growth and have loved it – congratulating myself on how open and accepting I was along the way

When I was first introduced to Tapping however my judgement stepped in and I discarded Tapping before I investigated it let alone even considered doing it.

I was fortunate to be more formally introduced to it by Hilary Thompson, The Out and About Therapist, inAdelaide.  This experience prised the window open just a little and made me think, ok this has some merit and I would like to find out a little more.

As with so many things once you have opened the window a little you find so many more examples and opportunities to learn and expand your paradigms.  After listening to the audios and participating in the Tapping exercises I am a convert.

I love the fact that the internet now gives us so many opportunities to learn, expand and grow and that we can share them with you in this forum.

We will be holding a ‘come and try’ EFT session at Levant in the next couple of weeks or tune it to the free recording below – it will be worth the investment of your time :-).

Have a great weekend,


Check out the FREE Tapping video here

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